2018-12-17. AM 03:16
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.1.0

Hello, we are from PENUP team.

We’ve brought you PENUP update news after a long while.
There are many changes from screen structure to diverse functional additions.

We will have a closer look into the newly added functions and newly updated PENUP 3.1

First of all, PENUP menu location has been moved.

The biggest change in PENUP 3.1 update is that the PENUP screen has changed a lot.
The menu tap which was formerly located on top has been moved down, and the artists in the “Hall of Fame” will appear on the home screen at the bottom. In addition, you will have direct access to “Live Drawing” and “Coloring” in the first home screen, which will give you much more convenience.

Secondly, “direct link to photo drawing” function has been added.

Recently, many PENUP users are drawing on top of original drawings to make diverse digital drawing pieces. We’ve made an easy access with direct link to photo drawing. You can press the “+ button” or press the PENUP icon for a while to go directly :)

Thirdly, “live drawing and coloring leveraged artworks” will be shown along together.

Like the former coloring, you can see other users’ artworks that leveraged above works in Live Drawing.
You can check out easily by filtering the coloring and live drawing pieces in accordance with the popularity and newest updates; you may go ahead and engage yourself by pressing on “likes” for those that you like.

Fourthly, there is new color set added onto palette.

The change that stands out the most with the improvement in drawing tool is that there is a new addition to the color set.
You can select the palette you like as there is various combination of “color sets” added to the pre-existing one. It will help many users to select good color combination while drawing or doing coloring.

The location of the 'Color Extraction Tool' has been moved.

Fifth, the “smudge” brush has added and “sloping detection function” has been strengthened.

With the PENUP 3.1 update, we have a new brush added; this is the “smudge” brush that gives a soft smudging effect. Enjoy your artwork by using the smudge brush well.

In addition, there has been improvement to slope of the pen; according to the angle of the slop of S pen, the pen pressure will react more sensitively.

Sixth, you can use PENUP functions without logging in.

You can now use many features of PENUP without logging in.
You can use simple functions like coloring, live drawing and drawing on the log-out mode, but you need to log in in order to upload the artworks or use the menu like leaving comments.

Aside from this, there is a new button added to directly move to the announcement board from the challenge menu to help you check out the challenge theme right away. Also, the search and access functions have been strengthened within PENUP.

So, this was about it for introduction to the updated functions at PENUP.
Check out the new functions and changes and experience them via PENUP 3.1 update :D

PENPLEs, did you have fun with PENUP in 2018?

Thank you for your engagement and support for PENUP.
We will always be committed to improve PENUP in 2019.

We look forward to your attention and support. :)

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