2018-12-14. AM 04:41
[Challenge] 2018. Dec : Let's draw Shooting star

Hello PENPLEs!

Have you ever made a wish under the shooting stars in dark sky?

This challenge is themed on ‘Shooting Star’.

"STARGAZING IN AFTERLIFE" / @southpawsketch
night sky light's☆ / @N.D.T

Shooting star is a phenomenon where the dust from the comet and asteroids or the dust that wandered around the solar system is pulled to the atmosphere due to earth's gravity and gets combusted upon friction with the atmosphere.

The shooting star appears in a short instant of one second.
That is why it is difficult to witness and disappears so fast.

sky full of stars / @westar88
Lovers (Under the Stars) / @CAREUS

The shooting stars in the dark sky are so romantic and fabulous.

There is higher possibility of seeing shooting star in early morning.

The reason is that the dust put in the front direction of the earth revolving around the sun would fall off naturally as the earth comes nearer.

If you want to see the shooting star, you should go a place where there is no objects in the way and wide space without topography.

perfect / @anjo
Shooting Star / @TumMeng_Inthira

What wish would you want to make upon the shooting star?
Keep one before you miss out the fastly falling shooting star.

The challenge will continue on for 16 days from Sunday, December 16 to Monday, December 31.

We look forward to your participation and good work.

Thank you.

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