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[interview] HOF December 2018 @gustaf

Our last HOF of 2018 is @gustaf, who conveys silence and inner peace through nature onto the canvas.

Let us begin our interview with @gustaf , from which we could explore the artist's art world.

Hello, @gustaf
We are from the PENUP team.


Please tell us how you feel.

A1. @gustaf
At that time I was very surprised, that I was chosen as an HOV artist.
And I feel very happy,And this is the time for me to wait.
I thank the penup and very many staff, who have chosen my work as something meaningful..

Please introduce yourself.

A2. @gustaf
My name is Gustaf Djanahar I come from Indonesia and I live in Ternate (North Maluku).
I am a businessman in the field of electronics.
I really like making art as a pleasure and hobby

You have been with PENUP since 2017 and you have shown great works :).
Thank you! How did you get to start PENUP? What is the digital device and drawing app that you enjoy using mainly?

A3. @gustaf
When I have a smartphone note I see there is a PENUP application, I am very interested in where I see a lot of artwork.
Then I was determined to share the artwork on PENUP.
The device that I use is the TAB S3 and note tablet cellphone, sketcbook pro apps

Your works are full of natural landscapes consisted of the familiar elements that you can easily see around you with a bit of attention.
Looking at your works makes one feel calm.
The beautiful landscape in Indonesia probably has influenced your art world. Is there any reason your artworks are themed on animals and landscapes?

A4. @gustaf
As far as I am concerned, I am more into the theme of scenery because I want people who see it to feel and animate a work as if it were in a place where the art work was made and became a calm, peaceful. and also animal thematic can not be separated from nature.

Everyone has a particular drawing tool that they like.
Since each brush has difference and the touch it conveys vary, what tool you use would be critical.
Please introduce to us about the brush or tool that you mainly use and also please give a piece of advice to the users who have difficulties in using new tool.

A5. @gustaf
the tool / brush I use is:
1.syntetic coarse angular brush
2( used as a dye that can mix colors).
2.syntetic fan brus( used for coloring with a fine motif),
3.syntetic angular flat brush(used to make leaves, twigs, or other details),
4.salty watercolour,
5.conceptual 1,
6.ink brush ,
7.hair brush.( used to refine certain parts)
A little message from me for new users, if they find difficulty in using brushes learn each character and function of the brush. use the brush according to the place. the settings are needed in making artwork. strong and weak pressure stylus pens are needed so that there are differences in thick lines and smooth.

Your works convey colorful fish and fabulously vivid birds. Unlike the landscape, drawing natural organisms seems to be more difficult as you have more things to consider like shape and proportion.
Practice makes it perfect, but could you please tell us more about how we can make the drawing better?

A6. @gustaf
I as an art lover, if I will make a work first I express it in my mind.
So that I can see the object more clearly what I will make. I give priority to layout, time, color, the arrival of light and the details of the object. when making an image first in expressions, in coloring the image you should zoom in so that you can see the details. the location of the object, the time, the arrival of light is also noticed.
The color mixture is adjusted to the time and direction of the light.

You can imagine an artist going outside in the nature to draw a landscape. What is your drawing style?

A7. @gustaf
the style of my image is natural (naturalisme).

One would want to draw on their own various cities, the landscape of the nature, the thing or person they like. Is there any theme or drawing style that you want to try out in the future?

A8. @gustaf
In the future, maybe I will try with a style of realisme.

As you know, PENUP is a platform where you communicate with the users from around the world who love art.
You should have made many special relationships with the users through interaction. Is there any special episode you can recall at PENUP community?

A9. @gustaf
As I recall the special edition, namely LET'S DRAW SMTOWN ARTISTS.FAN ART CONTEST

Lastly, could you please give us an advice or ideas to make PENUP a place of interaction and community through drawings?

A10. @gustaf
It is very possible to interact and create a community through images.
My advice is a little at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year by making a special session / edition to be contested with just a simple prize and an award that can be hung on the wall. I am very grateful to PENUP and all the staffs for the opportunity in the interview..

Our interview with @gustaf was an opportunity to learn the beauty of nature and to look back the ordinary landscape we see everyday.

There is less of nature feel as the city becomes more urbane.
How about expressing the sky that you looked up to on the drawing?


We have only a few days left until the end of 2018.
The end of the year would be a time of diverse emotions as you set up new goals and plans for 2019.
Hope you have a good year end with your beloved ones, leaving good memories.

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