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[Review] Challenge of November(1)

The first challenge of November!

It was a challenge on time that trespassed the time zone with a clock that reflected the phases of time from the past to present and a clock with much imagination.

Please send congratulatory messages to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in the time challenge.

my precious beautiful time.. / @h.y.o.
White Rabbit / @LaurelAstrid

These two works show a pocket watch.

The watch is silver and the necklace is in gold.
@h.y.o’s artwork shows delicate details from the light reflected on the glass to the decors on the watch.

Alice in the fairytale “Alice in Wonderland” jumps into a cave to follow a rabbit with a pocket watch.
Is the clock ticking towards Alice?
It is done by @LaurelAstrid.

The persistence of Rolex / @victoriano
let's draw time / @samar

These two show sandglass.

Clock is flowing instead of sand.
This reminds of the melting clock in Salvador Dali’s “The Persistance of Memory”.
Is it supposed to show the distortion of time?
It is done by @victoriano.

A man is standing in the sandglass.
What will happen to the man on the top if all upper sand flows down to bottom?
What is the relationship between those two people?
Is it symbolizing memory?
This is done by @samar whose work intrigues curiosity.

Time / @Chris.kage23
Time between you and me / @TreeStory

These two works exist in the starlight.

There is a light from wrist watch.
Does it help one with time travel?
Fabulous slights add on to fantasy feel; it is done by @Chris.kage23.

Sad looking two people from different planets are holding thin threads to connect with each other.
The man is looking towards the woman, who is only looking in front direction.

It seems like they want to stay in the same time as they are holding the thread, but they just can’t meet with each other as they are separated in different places.
@TreeStory has shown an artwork that conveys the time of separation.

Fishin Time / @Tammic
Time Drifting Away/ @Ria

How does the time in the ocean flow?

There is a robot fish made of cogwheel.
The clocks are all different in the air bubbles they emit and the time they show.
@Tammic’s artwork has unpredictable time flowing.

The clock on the ship is flowing in the direction of the waves and clouds.
Looking at the clock floating on its own, the time seems to be going slow. Under the tough weather conditions, the time might float in a rush.
It is done by @Ria.

시간의 훈장 / @kyounghee
arbol del tiempo / @cristina84

These two works show the tree of time.

The rings in the tree trunk show the time of the tree.
You can also notice in what year the tree grew well and in what wear it had tough times just looking at the number of the rings and the distance among them.
The short distance among the rings show that the tree has gone through tough times.
It is done by @kyounghee.

It is a gigantic gree clock as the tree roots down into the clock.
Different clocks are entangled organically in the tree.
It is a tree that represents so many different times as it grew to the clouds after rooting down.
It is done by @cristina84.

Our 10 winners are as below.


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We have the first challenge of December - “Let’s Draw Santa Claus”- going on.

We look forward to your participation on the challenge.

Thank you.

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