2018-12-06. AM 06:57
[HOF]December 2018 @gustaf

When we get out of the reality and breathe with the nature,
You come to experience a moment where your stuffing and tiring daily life gets healed.

The artworks by our HOF of December offers somewhat treatment for us.

Artist gustaf who conveys the silence and peace of nature on the canvas is our HOF of December,
the last month of this year.

The artist’s gallery is full of familiar landscapes you may have seen with a bit of attention
when you stroll the surrounding parks,
sea or climb up and down the hill.

Paul Cezanne, the father of contemporary art, said that the art comes from the harmony between the nature.

It seems that artist gustaf is also expanding his/ her art world with the inspirations from the nature.

Please enjoy various artworks by December HOF gustaf on the artist’s gallery and leave congratulatory messages on the fancbook. Also, press “likes” on the artist’s artworks and communicate with @gustaf :D

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