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[Challenge] 2018. Dec : Let's draw Santa Claus

Hello PENPLEs!

This is the last month of 2018 - December.
One maybe anticipating for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

This challenge is themed on the main cast of the Christmas holiday season; it is Santa Claus.

Merry christmas! / @AL1ISBETTER
Merry Christmas see you / @LEEHYUN

Santa Claus is known as a person who has had given gifts to children on Christmas Eve in Christian cultures.

Saint Nicholas did many good things, and his stories had been viraled among Nordics after his death.

Afterwards, those who do good things were called Santa Claus instead of Saint Nicholas.

As this pronunciation was directly adopted in English and Christmas became known to the world in 19th century, we got what we call “Santa Claus” these days.

Happy Christmas and Peace On Earth / @Sharkfinn
Santa Claus / @Julia

Did Santa Claus wear red hat and red clothes?

The looks and dress of Santa in the initial stage were quite different from what are they now.

They did not wear red dress nor had white moustache.
It was said that the Netherlands people thought Santa was thin and graceful.

It was in 1931 when Santa Claus was positioned as the key representative mascot during Christmas.

They said that Jhaddon Sundblom, the US artist, drawing a Santa in red dress and moustache shaped the Santa symbol.

christmas / @N.D.T
Merry Christmas♡/ @Nakara

Santa Claus will be awaited by many children who’ve spent a good year.

What does your Santa look like?

The challenge will continue on for 15 days from Saturday, December 1 to Saturday, December 15.

We look forward to your participation and good works.
Have happy holidays.

Thank you.

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