2018-11-16. AM 09:53
[Challenge] 2018. Nov : Let's draw Robot

Hello PENPLEs!

The robot which was only seen in cartoons is no longer an imaginary subject ; it has now evolved an object with human appearance in reality.

This challenge is on ‘Robot’!

로보러보 / @soojin

As we near towards the 4th industrial revolution, attention towards the AI and robot is becoming bigger.

As more blue-chip companies pay attention to the AI and robots, the non-man-made service tech that substitutes the human workforce is expanding rapidly.

There are even humanoid AI robots that have received citizenship as a robot for the first time in the world.

These robots that look like humans have different facial expressions and communicate with people - even jokes.

lost / @PlasticFox
Robocop / @bijuneyyan

The influence of robot is getting up pace in the world of creation, which was deemed an area of human’s own.

The robots realize the drawing style based on data and come up with concrete artworks by selecting the colors and forms without the help from humans.

There had even been a contest for robot artists.
Such expansion in the roles of a robot is surely threatening to humans.

robot ou love ♡♡♡ / @TITIART
robot / @mirimiao

Is there a robot that you dream of?
Please draw a robot of your imagination.

This challenge will continue on for 15 days from Friday, November 16 to Friday, November 30.

We look forward to your good works and participation!

Thank you.

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