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[Interview] HOF November 2018 @Nahandove

November HOF is @Nahandove,
an artist that makes unique color harmony with his/her own color range and tones.

Let us start the interview with @Nahandove to explore the artist’s own world.

Hello, @Nahandove!
We are from PENUP team.

You’ve been selected as the artist of HOF for November.
Could you please tell us how you feel?

A1. @Nahandove
Thank you.
I wondered at first receiving all the congratulatory messages, then I got surprised at the fact that I was selected as the HOF of the month.
There are amazing artists in PENUP.
It was so pleasing and honored to be the HOF, but at the same time, I was quite embarrassed.

Please introduce yourself.

A2. @Nahandove
The artist title is quite absurd for me, and I am just a layman...
I am an ordinary office worker and a housewife..
I am an administrator in a small SME company with not many years ahead until retirement..
I am a complete amateur who has no experience in art except for school art class.
My major was far different from art. I enjoy radio or classic music instead of TV, and I enjoy and try out hand crafts.
Also, I like winter sports including skiing and skating. Recently being addicted to PENUP, my husband calls me a PENUP addict.

Looking at your coloring art works, it seems you have extraordinary taste for coloring.
How did you start using PENUP? What is the key digital device and drawing tool that you use?

A3. @Nahandove
Thank you so much for saying that.
I got to know about PENUP as I changed to Galaxy Note 8 in February this year.
It was then my first time to come across other artists’ works.
I have not used any other digital device or drawing tool aside from Note 8. As I said in the previous answer, I never had the chance to do art aside from my art class back in school years.
In addition, I never had interest in digital drawing, as I thought it was an area of the specialists. Coming across PENUP was quite a shock but big pleasure at the same time.
I got to feel the enthusiasm I felt back in school. My husband gave me a Galaxy Tap as a gift after noticing that my eyesight got bad as I drew through a small screen. I am still using Note 8 because I am still unfamiliar with other devices, but I am planning to use other drawing tool from now on.

Animal comes as a priority in your artworks.
One could feel your warmth and love towards animals from your artworks.
I assumed that you have quite much interest animals and animal rescue looking at the rescued cats in your artworks.
Is there any reason your artworks are themed on animals?

A4. @Nahandove
Well, there is no special reason. The only reason would be that I am so fond of animals.
After receiving this question, I got to ponder upon the reason why I like drawing animals so much.
Of course, the main reason would be my love for animals, but the other reason comes from the disappointment that I cannot go closer to the animals when I really want to.
I had many chances to meet animals since I grew up in a countryside region until I was 9 years old.
The dogs and other animals in the town seemed to like me much.
I have a memory doing a race with the dogs in town. Looking at their eyes, I feel that they are not animals, but they are rather the beings that exist with us on Earth that need our protection. I am zoophilist myself and a conservationist.
But instead of doing direct activations, I sponsor them. I feed the street cats personally, and the baby cat in the drawing was a fortunate one who fell into the basement of our office building.
I feel sad at the news of extinct animals or abused animals.

It seems that you like doing pencil drawing.
Due to the nature of the pencil, the soft and warm presentation of a pencil really goes well with your drawing themes.
Could you please tell us more about the pencil drawings?

A5. @Nahandove
The first reason I do the pencil drawing is that it is very comfortable and easy medium for drawing. The second reason is that I am not that comfortable doing water coloring or oil painting.
Doing water drawing or oil painting is far different from giving colors to the art piece.
The pencil drawing is the very basic step in drawing, but pencil drawing actually enables you to do distance, dimension and light and shade in a very delicate manner, which is surprising.
In addition, it is so enjoyable to observe the objects, and you can even feel a sense of achievement after completion.

Coloring is no execption in your artwork.
Coloring has different attraction when compared to drawing.
I believe that coloring the empty spaces would let you do color harmony or show your creativity and imaginations by filling out the empty space.
What is your own definition of the special features in coloring?

A6. @Nahandove
Coloring plays the role of filling the creativity or leading the creativity for a person like me who lacks in creativity and imagination.
Just with a bit of edge in creativity in the given frame, I believe that it is a total creation of my own with my original colors and objects.
For me, coloring is a teacher that guides me to draw. I've learned a lot from this coloring.

Everyone has his/her favorite color, and it is said one's character could be defined with that person's own taste for color.
There is color range and tone pertained to yourself. Please tell us about the color and tone you like. Also, tell us the part that you put emphasis while coloring.

A7. @Nahandove
Oh, do I have my own color and tone?:)
The color that I like is blue.
It is the color that I've liked since young, but frankly, all colors seem to be very beautiful at this moment (probably I am getting old).
Whatever color it is, I like toned down color range instead of primary colors.
I put much importance on the color scheme and tone when drawing.
Mixing up more than one color or adjusting the opacity level to find out the right color is one great joy in coloring work.

There are times when you want to draw and prepare drawing tools, but you tend to hesitate as you don't know what to draw in front of the canvas.
Please give a piece of advice to the users who are on their first experience to drawing or coloring.

A8. @Nahandove
Actually, I am not in a position to give such advice, but I will just talk about my experience.
Even myself, I really was not brave enough to draw in the first place.
So, I tried out many colorings.
I chose the patterns and colorings that I Like to give colors, and adding more objects to such works, I started to get used to the tools and felt more natural. Then, I started trying out little by little. Henceforth, I was able to try out the things that I wanted. If it is your first time doing the drawing, try out as many coloring as possible, and secondly, visit others' galleries to study their artworks.


Looking at the comments on your artworks, it seems like you are progressing active interaction with the users.
There would be much connection between yourself and the users that resonate with the digital drawing and art. Is there any special episode in PENUP community?

A9. @Nahandove
I am not that active person, so I seldom put comments.
But artworks on PENUP are so attractive that I cannot stop myself from leaving comments.
But my lack of English skills gives me many drawbacks in interaction. There are times when I feel embarrassed when I do not know how to explain in case my intention was not delivered correctly.
But still many people encourage me, which makes me grateful. Also, most of the comments are in English. There was a time when I thought the person who spoke in English was from another country, but I found that person was a Korean, which made me quite embarrassed. But I am now confidently interacting with the person.

Lastly, please tell us your thoughts and ideas to improve PENUP to make this a better community where we could interact through drawings.

A10. @Nahandove
I am quite short of experience or skillset, so I doubt if I have anything that could add value.
I just like PENUP the way it is. But it is such a pity that those people who had active engagement on this platform are just leaving so suddenly. Please review why they are leaving and come up with solutions if there is any problem to let them come back. I really hope I could continue seeing their works in PENUP.

The interview with @Nahandovewas an opportunity for us to really understand the artist’s artworks with love.

“In the arts, as in life, everything is possible provided it is based on love.”
― Marc Chagall

please do create the joy of life with PENUP in daily life.

Fun, Express, Share!

-The PENUP Team