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[Review] Challenge of October (2)

The second challenge of October!

The Halloween challenge was the one where you were able to peek into differently styled gardens from homes to homes in towns to towns.

Please send congratulatory messages to the ten winners below!

Thank you everyone who participated in our “Halloween Challenge”.

Halloween pumpkin / @zivzif
Happy Halloween! / @TitusCrow

These two are themed on pumpkin, which is the foremost thought subject when we think about Halloween.

The first one features Jack O’ Lantern that shows very crooked smile.
His eyes and nose are as sharp and crooked as his mouth.
The reflection of the mouth in the darkness resembles a bat.
It was done by @zivzif.

There are various flowers in the pumpkin and vegetables surround it.
For that reason, it reminds you of Halloween and Thanks Giving all together.
@TitusCrow has drawn a piece that looks like a post mail.

Halloween witch / @rang
Wicked Pony VIII / @shadowmare72

Now, you can meet witches here.

A mystical witch with long stick is sitting on crooked Jack O’ Lantern.
Jack O’ Lantern is nothing but a chair when it comes to a witch, right?
It was done by @rang.

Now, the witch has become a horse.
@shadowmare72’s piece showed various combination of objects in orange that symbolizes Halloween.

Halloween Cookie / @feltboy
untitled / @sabrin

These two feature snacks, the key character in Halloween.

These are variously shaped cookies.
Reflecting the seasonality concept, you make cookies and share them to eat.
The smiley ghosts and angry monster have all different expressions.
This was done by @feltboy.

The main theme of Halloween is “Trick or Treat”.
The ghost should have already knocked many doors ; it embraces many candies already.
@sabrin gave a piece of a cute ghost.

to be or not to be… / @David-E
Happy Halloween from Coco! / @Oleksi

These two features skeleton.

The skeleton in red cape is holding a pumpkin in its hand.
You don’t know where the skeleton is looking at as it is eyeless.
The striking piece is done by @David-E.

Is it because of the peaceful expression?
This skeleton looks friendly compared to the previous one.
It is quite interesting to see the skeleton in a suspender.
This was done by @Oleksi.

untitled / @vlad
untitled / @vlad

These two pieces capture the scary Halloween scenes.

In a city where everyone is sleeping, two cats are fighting against each other in growl under the white moonlight.
@vlad’s piece adds more spookiness with the bats coming here and there.

You can see tombs behind the barbed-wire fence.
Smoggy light shines below in between the dark clouds, and leafless trees are guarding by the graveyard.
@kelzwurld’s piece conveys chilly yet somewhat silent emotion.

Here is our final 10 winners.


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