2018-11-02. AM 05:02
[HOF] November 2018 @Nahandove

Every color has its own definition,
so it is said it is easy to get a grasp of the psychological status of someone just by looking at what color that person likes.
Unintentionally, one would frequently use the color and the tone he/she likes as they color the artwork.

It is also find out the originality of the color and tone that our HOF of November likes.

Nahandove is our HOF of November;
the artist makes excellent harmony out of the combination of the colors
that give weight and warmth.

In the artist gallery,
there are many smooth pencil drawing artworks aside from the coloring artworks that come in harmony of colors.
As you look at the artworks,
Nahandove seems to be a person who well expresses his/her love for animals and the warm heart.

Check out November HOF Nahandove’s many artworks in the artist gallery and leave message of congratulations.
Also, click on “likes” to the artworks that you like among
the artist’s artworks and interact with @Nahandove through artworks and comments. :D

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