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[Review] Challenge of October (1)

The first challenge in October!

So many diverse patterns made by PENPLEs formed another great pattern.

Please send message of congratulations to 10 winners below.

Thank you everyone for partaking in this ‘Pattern’ challenge.

Snuggy bear pattern ( colour ) / @TitusCrow
"Changos Marangos" / @Ropestrart

These two works were themed on animals.

First is a pattern of teddy bears in different colors.
The saturation level is not that high, and the space is enough, giving somewhat calmness.
It was done by @TitusCrow.

The human faced monkey is making dynamic pose.
The total pattern gives dynamic rhythm.
It was done by @Ropestart.

untitled / @meghabairwa
bacon & eggs / @dalistylin

These two works are themed on foods.

The fresh cut of lemons forms a pattern.
Also, the green leaves give vitality to the pattern.
It was done by @meghabairwa.

The pattern is composed of bacons and fried eggs.
The bacon connects the patterns.
The work is done by @dalistylin with impressive combination of blue background color.

untitled/ @wish
Going Down ? / @BrittaBee

These two artworks adopted basic lines and shapes.

@wish’s artwork shows triangles, squares and circles come in a new pattern with regularity.
Simple doodles came together to make new splendid pattern.

The arrow is pointed downwards.
The combination of the shape is simple, but there is a sense of flow with the arrow that comes as the main character.
It was done by @BrittaBee.

inktober day 2 tranquil by nikolass / @nikolass83
Man-da-la / @Hypnorino

These two artworks have expansion of repetition.

Is it that the fire has become symbolic?
There is a skeleton in a coffin with the fire like waves at the background.
The green light from the coffin harmonizes the patterns and the objects.
It was done by @nikolass83.

This is Mandara which delicate patterns continue to expand.
It even gives illusion effect of moving or absorption.
It was done by @Hypnorino.

Spaced / @JennCherry
The Cotton / @AommyJM

These two artworks are themed on nature.

The objects relevant to the space are mixed here and there.
There are many patterns that fill in the space with the relevant objects.
This was done by @JennCherry

It feels like cotton buds floating smoothly.
This artwork shows beauty of emptiness when compared to other works.
@AommyJM’s artwork shows calmness maybe due to the subject and the color theme coming from nature.

Here are our 10 winners.


Please leave messages of congratulations to the 10 winners.

Now, the second challenge of October ‘Let’s draw Halloween’ is being held.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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