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[Review] Challenge of September (1)

The first challenge of September!

This was a challenge where a notepad and a pen, all utensils easily seen in daily life, come to totally new creation with brand new stories and imagination.

Please send congratulatory messages to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in the “note and pen” challenge.

within the lines / @SteeL
Inspiration / @David-E

These two artworks have yellow pen standing out.

The fingers come all out of the lines in notepad and holding a pen.
The lines of then notes are expressed like the blind on the window shield.
This is by @SteeL who presented note and pen with totally new approach.

A yellow pen has stretched wings and flying over a notepad.
Like a bird that flies with a pen, the artist may have got the idea that you can draw or write anything with freedom, right?
This is done by @David-E.

Daily Mess / @Auberone
Travel Notebook and Pens / @catiarcy

This is the area where a notepad and pen are used.
These two artworks are all placed on the desk.

Around the computer, there is scribbled post its and papers scattered around.
The owner of this artwork should be a student or a company worker.
This is done by @Auberone.

Some people have their own notepads with different purposes.
The stamps and stickers are attached onto the notepad.
This is probably a notebook that keeps all the travel collections.
A book seems to be already full, right?
This is done by @catiarcy.

The wise old man / @nuni
The Most Productive Scholar / @kyle.g

These two artworks show what the pen and a notepad had looked in the old days.

A scholar looking old man is pointing at a formula on a notepad.
There is a feathered pen in front.
In the old times, people wrote with feathered pen dipped in ink.
This is done by @nuni.

An old man is writing with a feathered pen on one hand, and is showing magic with the other.
Books are flying all over the sky.
It is done by @kyle.g.

"Todo empezó así" / @Ropestrart
my notes / @fresnedo

These two artworks embrace love.

Notepad and pen make a good couple all the time The notepad has rosy cheek.
This is done by @Ropestart.

We write diaries on a notepad, and we sometimes record our momentary feelings.

Do you see the sentence on the notepad?
“I love penup”
@fresnedo showed the love for PENUP.

untitled / @vlad
Let's draw / @raulyy

These two artworks show have contrasting description.

These artworks look like cursive writings if we were to compare the style.
It is @vlad’s artwork where the combination of relatively rough sides and lines come as impression.

It is @raulyy who showed the realistic pentip through delicate portrayal.
The background was filled in a way with the ink smudge texture.

Our 10 winners are as follows.


Please leave words of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners.

Currently, our first challenge of October – “Let’s Draw Pattern” – is being held.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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