2018-10-04. AM 05:46
[HOF] October 2018 @AntoineKhanji

"Do not draw the nature as it is, but draw an abstract out of the nature.”
-Marcus Tullius Cicero-

Our HOF of October is an artist
who befits the phrase that the art comes from investigation and search of nature.
The artist sometimes expresses the beauty, the comfort and leisure emotion of the surrounding nature, and even draws the gigantic nature through the nature.
The artist shows a totally new world of art with the artist’s own view of the nature.

AntoineKhanji is our HOF of October
The artist has been staying with PENUP long time with strong passion for art even though the artist’s major was not in art.

In the art pieces of AntoineKhanji,
you can feel various emotions of diverse countries and you can also enjoy the abstract nature in the canvas consisted of dots, lines and sides.
Recently, the artist is showing different styles with different techniques. It is such enjoyable to see how the artist’s pieces has changed.

please enjoy the artworks done by AntoineKhanji, our HOF of October,
via the artist gallery and leave messages of congratulations.

Also, please select “likes” in the artist’s artwork and communicate with @AntoineKhanji by leaving comments. :D

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