2018-10-01. AM 08:58
[Notice] Introduce Live Drawing

Hello, it’s PENUP team.

After our tutorial on photo drawing,
we will learn more about Live Drawing, a new feature in PENUP.

Live Drawing is a function that enables you to see the process of how artworks of diverse categories - animals, plants and landscapes - of different difficulty levels.
It is also a feature that lets you learn how to draw as you trace on top of the video clip.

It is indeed amazing that you could actually draw on top of a video clip.

Let’s learn how to use Live Drawing then.

1. Learn To Draw

Have you checked out the Live Drawing menu at the top of the Live Drawing menu?
When you go inside the Live Drawing menu, you will see that new drawing videos that are being updated on a regular basis.

If you want to learn how to draw, press the “learn to draw” button to get the tutorial.

2. Trace to draw on top of the video

When you enter the drawing screen, you will see a video that automatically plays.
Tap the pause button; you can directly draw on top of the sketch where the video has halted.
The brush and color have been automatically set along with the video flow. You can trace at convenience and ease, right?

The advantage of Live Drawing is that anyone could easily trace as they can check the drawing process by tapping the play button that will continue on the video play.

3. Convenient Live Drawing Feature

Let us introduce you to the convenient features to fully use the Live Drawing function

1)Hiding background

When you trace on top of the video,
there are sometimes when you need to check the drawing that you’ve done.
In that case, there is “eye” shape button at the bottom.
You can press the button to hide or show the background video to draw conveniently upon needs.

2) Video speed adjustment

There is video speed adjustment feature, which is a convenient function in Live Drawing.
You can adjust the speed at one-fold, two-folds, four-folds and eight-folds to see the drawing and trace along.

3) Pop-up brief with Mouse Over

When you lay over the mouse on all buttons, you will see a pop up window that briefs you on the key features.
Lay over the mouse to check the functions.

4. Diverse Live Drawing Books

When you get into Live Drawing menu, you will see 24 types of books.
There are various enthusiastic themed books and drawings from animals, people, landscape, buildings, cafes and classic art pieces.
PENPLEs, what is your favorite topic?
Check out the artworks upon your preferred topics through Live Drawing. Trace along to learn by yourself.

5. Live Drawing art pieces by other users

As we’ve introduced you in the last update,
the category menu that was used to be on the left side of Home Tap has been updated to be placed inside the magnifier button on top of the screen.

In this category, Live Drawing has been newly added.
In order to check out other users’ Live Drawing pieces, go inside this category to check out the Live Drawing menu.

This was all for the Live Drawing function background.

We believe that Live Drawing is a good service for those who like drawings but just don’t know how to start, or those who like seeing the drawing process. It is even a good service for those who love drawings.

You just stop from everything to see the delicate depict process.

Enjoy the video and learn how to draw easily just by tracing along in Live Drawing.

We will have more artworks updated via Live Drawing. We look forward to your anticipation.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team