2018-10-01. AM 02:43
[Challenge] 2018. Oct : Let's draw Pattern

Hello, PENPLEs!

There are various new patterns that are introduced every year in the fashion world; they range from stripes, checkered and dots.

This challenge theme is on ‘Patterns’ that embrace the beauty of repetition.

patterns / @FabioGuerrazzi
Pattern design / @Fabulous

Simplicity is gathered together to create complexity, irregularities come together for regularities.

Patterns show diverse in moderate manner.

Small doodles come in a pattern to create an art piece.

Geometrical patterns, like the Mandala patterns that visualize layered flower buds, and symmetrical patterns are leveraged as coloring book sketches.

case mandala / @casebasket
light plant pattern / @Aaw_1913

When you look into the nature, you will discover many different patterns.
Like the annual rings that are seen when you cut the stem of a tree have repeated circular lines.

There are traditional patterns in different countries.
You can check out the patterns within a culture.

ship pattern / @hosio
Milk mania / @greeda

You can mainly see the artworks that have same objects under similar regularities via mobile phone screen.

It will be also enthusiastic to create illustration type patterns on the topics that you like.

This challenge will continue on for 15 days from Monday, October 1 to Monday, October 15.

We look forward to your participation and good work.

Thank you.

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