2018-09-14. AM 03:17
[Interview] HOF of September @zivzif

Our HOF of September is artist @zivzif who continues to tell her stories
through her artworks at PENUP since 2015.

We will start an interview that will look deeply into artist @zivzif’s artworks.

Hello, @zivzif!
We are from the PENUP team.
You’ve chosen as the HOF of September. Congratulations!

Please tell us how you feel.

A1. @zivzif
Hi penup team,I feel great.
I'm honored to be included in the Hall of fame group.
It's means a lot to me. It's a recognition To the fact that I managed to improve myself in digital Drawing.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what kind of work you do.

A2. @zivzif
I'm married with 2 wonderful children. I love art and making art.
Before I started to draw 3-4 years ago I tried to find for my self a Hobby that make me happy.
I started with photography for a while It was fun and I enjoined doing it and then it wasn't enough so I started with sculpturing.

For 2 years. And then in between I find my self drawing and painting.
Now I draw digital and paint with oil and finally I found my place in world of art.

Thank you for your continued commitment at PENUP since your joining in 2015. :)
Your artworks show that you work on Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tablet.
Did you join PENUP because you used Galaxy Note device?

A3. @zivzif
Yes, I discovered penup On my phone, galaxy note,
and then I tried To draw and felt in love with digital drawing and pen up.
In some point I decided to buy the Samsung tablet because I needed a bigger screen For my drawing ,even though I have more devices for drawing I prefer to work With galaxy series, it feels more friendly to me .

Your gallery conveys diverse topics of artworks; but mostly, they are centered on people.
Also, the artworks that convey love in many types of human relationships - mom and child and couples -
stand out the most. What do you think of love?

A4. @zivzif
You are right. I mostly love to draw people digitally or by painting on canvas.
It's more about feelings it's not just love,.
Drawings that can touch me or Others. But what can I say?
Love is feeling that is most important To everyone, in all ages.

You have a separate account @zivziftutorial for tutorials of your drawing.
This will be a great chance for those people who want to learn your drawing style.
Is there any reason why you created the tutorial account and is there anything you pay attention to in tutorials?

A5. @zivzif
Lately I have created my new tutorial account because some friends of mine Asked me to teach them how to draw.
Since we are a big Community from all over the world it's hard for me do it their for I decided to show my friends from time to time the creation steps. With hope.
It will be useful for them in learning How to draw or use the drawing application.

There was an art piece that compared your artwork from 2015 to your artwork from 2018 in the gallery.
Three years of time should have changed your drawing style. Could you give us your insight on this?

A6. @zivzif
I read comments of my friends that are saying" I can't change and improve"
so I uploaded The picture that can reflect to everyone the improvement over the time.
Now When I see my first drawing I understand the changes I have done.

But, I worked a lot to get there. In the last year I draw 5-6 drawings in A week. It's possible to be good if you practice enough.

You show your efforts in the regular challenges that are held twice a month.
It might be quite helpful to draw with the given topics, but it could be also quite troublesome to meet that topic.
Please tell us your thoughts about the challenge within PENUP.

A7. @zivzif
I love the challenges.
I think that it connect us all in our community Around one mission. One challenge.
It's wonderful to see all my Friends creations and imagination.
I still draw things that I choose to draw But when I know I have to practice anyway then it's challenging and fun To participate in the challenges.

Your artworks have stories, and you leverage drawing as a tool for communications.
Unlike the analog type of drawing, is there any advantage to digital drawing?

A8. @zivzif
There is a big advantage in drawing digitally. I can do it in any place, Any time.
I draw a lot in my living room when I watch tv.
for example When I paint with oil, it's Massey and need different environment.
Less comfortable.


You work on so many different topics. Where do you get the daily inspiration from?

A9. @zivzif
When I started the photography as I tell before.
I joined A photography community.
My friends allow me When I love their pictures to draw it if I want too.
Also in the world of internet you have a lot of inspiring idea's.
But I try to keep on one rule most of the time.
And the rule is Never draw from drawings, I only take ideas from real pictures.

You have solid relationship with many users in PENUP as you’ve joined this channel quite long ago.
You should have many positive experiences or episodes in PENUP.
Could you please share your advice or ideas for PENUP to improve in order to make this a place an interactive and a brand new community?

A10. @zivzif
In our community, it's not enough for me just to draw and upload the Drawing.
Like everyone it's important to me the comments of my friends Positive or negative.
This is like fuel that driving us forward.
I love art so I enjoy to see what others do and even learn from them.
I can see that PENUP doing a lot of things to improve the tools for us.

You allow my friends to colored drawings, now we have live drawings So I can say that PENUP tried to give us new tools all the time And this is great

The interview with @zivzif let us understand her world of art and art stories.

We are only three months away from 2018.

We hope that
your September would be a warm one where you could create your small but meaningful stories with beloved ones.

Fun, Express, Share!

-The PENUP Team