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[Review] Challenge of August (2)

The second challenge of August!

It is said that people reflect their outer selves through mirrors and find their inner selves via their facial expressions.

The second challenge of August was an opportunity for us to meet diverse art pieces that convey philosophy.

Please congratulate below ten people, our winners of the challenge!

Thank you everyone who participated in the challenge. :)

My mirror♡ / @akram
AntiqueShop / @SamTaqvi

These two artworks show diversely designed mirrors.

First is a wooden frame mirror.
@akram’s artwork shows warmth with the flowers in front of the mirror and the white curtain reflected in it.

Mirror is often used as an interior décor item.
Uniquely designed circular and rectangular mirrors come together to show splendid but organized tone and manner.

The vases in front of the mirrors give an edge to the overall interior. This was done by @SamTaqvi.

Magic mirror / @lord
Beauty of the Bengali woman / @Narayan

Above two artworks show reflection of people.

The drawing seems a bit plain, but the unique part about this is that everything is in black tone except for the reflection of woman in the mirror.
This should be a mystical mirror that gives colors; it is done by @lord.

A woman is looking into her reflection in the mirror.
This is said to be a beautiful woman in Bangladesh traditional costume.
This was done by @Narayan.

Feeling Good / @kyle.g
Apple in the mirro / @XQian

These two artworks show distortion through mirror.

Is it because of the curvy mirror?
A small ant looks very gigantic in the mirror.
The ant seems to be satisfied.
This was done by @kyle.g.

A wholly eaten apple becomes a completely intact apple in the mirror.
Is this mirror showing the past?
This was done by @XQian.

nature's mirror / @Hanne
The Eyes Are The Mirrors To Our Soul / @Syko

These two artworks show the mirrors found in nature.

Clear lake is reflecting the dense wood.
This is literally the mirror in nature that embraces the pure nature. This was done by @Hanne.

An eye is said to be the mirror of soul.
Looking at the reflection in the eye, it seems like you are falling into a black hole. This was done by @Syko.

Be who you invision / @babbyybirrdd
Magic mirror / @Maraquero

These artworks have similar drawing styles.

A kid just messed the entire house, drawing on it if the house were a piece of sketchbook.
He is yet bold, and he looks satisfied with the his reflection in the mirror.
The mirror in the house could also be used as a sketchbook. This was done by @babbybirrdd.

In the dark forest, a fairy with wings appeared from the mirror. This is just like a scene from a fairytale.
@Maraquero drew a magic mirror.

These are our 10 winners.


Please leave messages of cheers and congratulations to ten winners above.

Our first challenge of September – Let’s Draw Note and Pen – is held now.

We look forward to your participation!

Thank you.

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