2018-09-10. AM 09:48
[Notice] Introduce the function of Photo Drawing

Hello, we are from the PENUP team!

Photo Drawing, the newly launched service at PENUP, is a function that lets you draw on top of the background photograph that you’ve taken or that have been existing.
Now, let us learn how to use photo drawing in details.

Go inside the drawing screen by pressing the plus (+) button on the home screen.

1. Open an image

When you press the image button at the bottom left,
you can open the taken photograph or saved image from the gallery to use it as the background image.

The use of background image could offer newness and convenience to the drawing work. :)

2. Image edit

When you’ve decided the image you want,
you can adjust the size of the image and edit it with reverse and invert effect.
You can also set the transparency level to 0 – 100% to set it to your customization.

3.Hide background image

When you click on the “hide” button, the background image will disappear and you could check your own drawing.
There is a hide button at the bottom middle part, so you can easily use it!

This was about it for the newly launched photo drawing feature.
You can enhance the work efficiency and challenge yourself for new drawing with photo drawing function.

Enjoy taking photographs and drawing on top of it!

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-The PENUP Team