2015-01-14. AM 02:56
  • Hello~, PEN.ples.

    PEN.UP Calendar for 2015 has finally come out! It contains 12 pictures which are the results of penple’s great efforts.
  • PEN.UP team did the design on their own.
  • As a response to the requests of those who could not participate in the calendar contest, we will send the calendars to them for a surprise event.
    If you want to receive a calendar, please send your name, your PEN.UP ID, address at which you want the calendar to arrive, zip code, telephone number. Due to the limited number of copies, the calendars will be sent in the order of application. So hurry!
    If you still haven’t sent your shipping information(name, address, zip code, telephone number), hurry to send us a email.

    Your personal information will be used only for shipping, and will be disposed of instantly after the purpose has been achieved. Those who send an email will be considered to consent to the use of the information.
    The calendars have been made based on English and Korean.

    PEN.UP team always encourage your drawing.