2018-09-04. AM 06:29
[HOF] HOF of September @zivzif

There is a saying that art is not something that is for me to see,
yet it is something that makes others see.
Drawing is a good device to express and convey your insights to others.

Our HOF of September is someone who has been conveying the personal stories in drawings since 2015.
Artist zivzif, who is expanding his/her world of drawing with continued artworks, is our HOF of September.

When you look into zivzif;s artworks of humors and meaningful messages,
you will get to feel the artist’s understanding and traces of deep thinking about the objects along the drawing journey.

Artist zivzif has also created a new tutorial account (@zivziftutorial) at PENUP to share the drawing process.
One can’t stop feeling that the artist genuinely knows how to interact with others,
not just putting a full stop by finishing the drawing.

please check out various artworks of zivzif, our HOF of September,
and leave congratulatory messages in the artist fanbook.

Also, click ‘likes’ to the artworks you like and interact with @zivzif through comments and artworks.

PENUP team

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