2018-08-31. AM 04:26
[Notice] Release ‘Mr. Doodle’ coloring drafts

Hello, it’s PENUP

Have you ever unconsciously doodled on some paper in front of you?

You don’t need to think hard when doodling, and it is completed according to where your hand leads you.
Perhaps it is the most instinctive kind of art.

There is an artist who views and communicates doodling as a work of art.

It is the British pop artist, Mr. Doodle,
who with spontaneous drawings boldly fills up the canvas with a black marker.

It is not a repeated pattern or simple scribble,
Mr. Doodle spontaneously continues a line
and in the given space fills it with his unique emotions and characters, producing a creative space.

Mr. Doodle was at the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked Event as a special guest on August 10th.
His spontaneous drawing with the S-pen was quite something to see at the Unpack Event.

With the launching of Galaxy Note 9, Mr Doodle sent a coloring design too.
Different from any previous coloring designs, they are unique and fun.

Only found at PENUP, color in Mr Doodle’s 5 designs and share it with other people.
We are already looking forward to the colored-in Mr. Doodle works of art.

For 5 days, 1 design a day shall be uploaded.
We hope for your interest and participation.

PENUP everyone,
Through Mr. Doodle’s coloring design,
we hope you have a happy and delightful time.

Thank you,


PENUP - Share your drawings!

-The PENUP Team