2018-08-28. AM 06:26
[Notice] PENUP updated Ver 3.0.0

Hello, it’s PENUP team!
With the launch of Galaxy Note 9, our PENUP service has been updated to 3.0 version.
New features have been added, and there is also improvement design-wise.

Let us look into PENUP 3.0 and the newly added features.

First, “Photo Drawing” feature has been added.

Many users have given comments about tracing where they could trace drawing on top of the photo.
In PENUP 3.0, the newly added feature Photo Drawing could let PENUP users to enjoy digital drawing to a wide extent by on tracing on top of the drawing :D

Second, "Live drawing" feature has been added.

Live Drawing is the only feature available on PENUP.

It is a new PENUP drawing service where one could watch the drawing being completed via video or promote their skill set by tracing along on top of the video clip.
Already, a lot of works by PENUP users have been uploaded in Live Drawing.
Please enjoy watching how a drawing gets completed or try yourself by tracing on top of the video via Live Drawing.

The newly added photo drawing and live drawing
is easy to follow even to the beginner users as they are simple to follow.

Thirdly, “Category Menu Location” has been relocated.

Previously, the category menu was at the left side of Home Tab.
After the updates, the category will appear if you click on the magnifier on top.

With the magnifier button and category menu converged, it is easier to search the drawings and enjoy the artworks.

Lastly, various UI designs have been improved.

Update PENUP and check out the new features and try them on your own :D
Feel the ultimate joy of totally new drawing that was never experienced before with PENUP.

We will come back with new notice soon for detailed explanation and tutorials on the newly added features.
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-The PENUP Team