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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

The first challenge in August!

It was a challenge that made you feel as if you are on vacation just by looking at the drawings.
Also, the challenge let us know how you spend your vacation.

Please send messages of congratulations to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in the ‘Vacation’ challenge. :)

103 Vacation / @AlexManz
Peaceful Vacation / @CAREUS

These two artworks show their vacation with the loved ones.

You can see pretty sisters in between the parents that are holding their hands.
The artwork was done by @AlexManz who drew the beautiful moment during the sunset.

The lighthouse and starlight that shine the sleepy night.
A couple is spending peaceful time together on the beach.
They probably want the moment to be eternal.
This was done by @CAREUS.

Camping trip vacation / @AntoineKhanji
Untitled / @Maria_Marica

These two artworks show scenes of attractive camping sites where the beauty of ever changing sky is easily captured.

Warm light is shining from the tent on high altitude.
It is the best spot to see all the stars in dark.
This was done by @AntoineKhanji.

A full moon is up in the sky of mystical colors.
Meteors are falling down beside the moon.
@Maria_Marica’s artwork showcases the romantic camping site mood.

DiscoverOldPlaces / @SamTaqvi
Always in moving / @Miky

Next two artworks convey the city trip.

A couple is visiting a tourist site that has historical heritage.
Visiting the historical sites during trips is an advantage in understanding the country one is visiting.
You can’t stop looking at the very delicate architecture.
This was done by @SamTaqvi.

When you look at those people busy in city, you will think that every place is the same.
Probing into the characteristics of each city will make the trip more enjoyable.
This was done by @Miky.

Maldives / @Raini
seaside / @Xqian

These two artworks make your eyes and heart purified.

Can it be more peaceful than this?
You will really feel the genuine “rest” if you were to sit on a wood deck that creaks everytime one steps on, have your legs dipped into transparent sea, listening to the movement of trees that shakes with the wind and looking at the birds that fly in freedom.
It was done by @Raini.

The nature is showing its natural color at deserted beach.
The sea that embraces blue sky and the mountain that conveys sunlight and shade will give us mental peace.
It was done by @Xqian.

Watermelon Summer Vacation / @feltboy
alohaa~ / @Hurfat.id

These two artworks show the vivid summer vacation.

The watermelon lying on the sunbed is wearing a hat and sunglasses, enjoying its vacation.
Isn’t this scene quite familiar?
A lot of people resemble this during summer vacation.
This was done by @feltboy.

This is plumeria, the flower of Hawaii.
Due to its fragrance, plumeria is often used as ingredient for perfumes.
The picture captures a scene from sea-fragrance and flower fragrance-full vacation.
@Hurfat.id’s artwork reminds you of a bright greeting “Aloha!”.

These are the ten winners here.


Please leave congratulatory comments to the selected 10 winners.

Our second challenge of August “Let’s Draw Mirror” is in place right now.

We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

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