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[Review] Challenge of July (2)

The second challenge in July!

It was a challenge where we were able to witness diverse imaginations that filled the underground sea.

Please send congratulatory messages to the ten winners below!

Thank you everyone for participating in the “Under the Sea” challenge.

Under the sea / @sweety
Under the Sea / @skymykel

These two artworks are the ones where we could meet the little mermaid, the main cast in “Under the Sea”.

This is supposed to be the mermaid’s room under the sea.
There are many objects on the shelves – from a globe to trophy.
Is she sleeping on top of the big rock with the waves as a blanket? It was done by @sweety.

This mermaid has many positive messages inscribed on her body.
The mermaid is not a typical mermaid that we could think of; she is in fact a mermaid that keeps new type of beauty in her.
The brush on top of her head is showing the theme of this challenge. It was done by @skymykel.

The Forgotten Magician / @kyle.g
I'm Jabberjaw, The Greatest Shark You Eva Saw / @babbyybirrdd

It could be some time of longing for someone, but could be time of happiness for others.
Through these two artworks, we peek into the unpredictable life.

This is a picture of a magician that has been forgotten after the show.
He is turning into a skeleton with a heavy chain wrapped around.
You could see a dim reflection of ship on the surface of the sea. He should be saved somehow.
This was done by @kyle.g.

This is a scene from a party.
There is water bubbles of a note floating up to the surface of the sea.
People are playing music with shell and fish shaped instruments. The shark is also playing drums in cute looks.
This was done by @babbyybirrdd.

Colored sea / @Abex
the sea / @Xqian

These two artworks show flocs of fish.

The sea turtle’s pattern is depicted in details.
The fish climbed on top of the sea turtle and flowing through the sea seems like a picture of high resolution screen saver. It was done by @Abex.

You could often see this kind of scenes in documentary.
Vivid colored fish and diverse breed fish come in flocks, swimming through together.
This was done by @Xqian.

Jellyfish / @Sheenmue

The two artworks here really show the taste of colors.

You could see a seahorse, which is also called as the dragon in the sea.
Purple seahorse and the seaweeds are all in vivid colors ranging from pink, yellow and green.
This is the artwork done by @AleeArtist; you could see diverse colors under the sea.

It is so beautiful to see how the transparent jellyfish shows all different colors.
Don’t you feel like you are just falling into the exquisite scene of the jellyfish shining in the dark sea?
This is the artwork done by @Sheenmue.

Under the sea / @zivzif
No Please / @badri

These two artworks show the relations between the human and nature.

A diver is looking deep down to the sea.
What is the man supposed to be doing?
A man in front of the dark, deep sea.
It seems we are just such as a small being in front of the Mother Nature.
This was done by @zivzif.

There are so many plastic garbage under the sea, but there is no single trace of living organism in the sea.

Plastic bottle, plastic cup, straws and plastic bag.
The disposable products that we’ve inattentively used will flow into water, polluting the sea and putting the sea animals at risk by making them think they are foods.
@badri’s artwork really gave us an alert.

Here we have ten winners.


Please leave messages of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners below.

Right now, the first challenge of August – “Let’s Draw Vacation” – is being held.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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