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[Interview] 2018. HOF of August @Iness_j.y_park

HOF of August is an artist that does not only do various stylish and one-of-a-kind caricatures,
but makes one’s own world of art ranging from calligraphy to landscape.

Our HOF of August is artist @ Iness_j.y_park.

Hello, @Iness.j.y.park.
We are from PENUP team!
You are the HOF of August. Congratulations!

Please tell us how you feel about winning the HOF.

A1. @ Iness_j.y_park
Hello. First of all, it is a great honor, and I am so glad about it.
It seems that I’ve been awarded for not giving up drawing in my life, which makes me deeply moved.
I would like to thank all my friends who led me to this world of digital.

Also, I would like to thank all my friends and the artists in PENUP who have gave me fruitful advices.
I would like to show my gratitude to my acquaintances who were never reluctant to become my model or give me the sources that I needed,
as well as my clients who’ve approached to me with official requests.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what kind of artwork you are working on

A2. @ Iness_j.y_park
I am a freelance art education lecturer.
I do drawing lessons and psychological consultations for young kids.
I also give private lessons to adults on the subjects ranging from art & culture lecture, nail art basic, water color drawing, cartoon, illustration, calligraphy, hand writing for advertisements and hand painting products.

I live in Busan, Korea, and I have a small studio called Iness Art.
I love drawing and singing. I am known as quite an awkward drawing teach among my friends while I live in an absolute optimistic life.

My major in college was in fact design, but I was more interested in fine arts and cartoon.
I had strong desire to get myself out of the art exam barrier, so I chose to major in fine arts related subject in late 20s. As I studied alone throughout my past, I always had the thirst for interaction. So, I am engaged in many art communities with people that love art. Now, I am working on a mural project with them.

In ordinary life, I draw for a sense of healing. So, I challenge myself to draw landscapes, portraits, cartoon illustrations and phototoons with Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Tab S3 for digital drawing. Aside from that, I am in my second month to study hand drawing water painting as a part of my personal goal.

You said that you draw with Galaxy Note 5. How did you get to know about PENUP?

A3. @ Iness_j.y_park
I have always been using Samsung mobile phones.
I just have this habit of not changing the brands once I get stuck with it. Starting with Note 2,
I heard about PENUP from a person in my major. Feeling much work load and lack of skillset, I started again with Note 5.
I even redeveloped the thin pen (by putting it inside a ballpen body) in order to really make everything convenient for me to work on.

In your gallery, there are various themes of drawing from caricatures, animals and to landscape.
It seems that your spectrum in artwork is huge.
The question maybe quite vague, but what is your overall insight about drawing, especially digital drawing?

A4. @ Iness_j.y_park
The biggest characteristic is the birth of one particular object and how this single object can turn into hundred other things.
If I finish one apple, that could turn into a shop of apples.
The apple could turn into a textile design or a background object or a decorative object for a portrait; it could be used anywhere.
This could be a shortcoming, but digital artworks are the best to witness your artworks resulting in diverse objects.

Also, it could be easily perceived as a simple understanding as a device.
I was at first disappointed at the fact that I could not draw properly because there is huge gap in the original skillset and the digital drawing. There was many difficulties like too smooth texture, proportion and finding the application that fit me. So, I thought that I will become more familiar once I get to know how to handle the devices – digital drawing features, mobile phone and pad – properly.

Lastly, I perceived that the digital drawing was a gallery where I could enjoy the two dimensional shapes in my hand, not on print.
The fact that there is a category that could be shared via blog or Internet café, but still there is a differentiated space on my own is a special feature and the strength of digital drawing, as well as PENUP. Also, how we interact only with “drawing” and sharing “likes” for every type of drawing is another key feature in digital drawing and PENUP.

Often, we are able to see “How to draw” postings.
We believe that this would be helpful for many PENUP users.
Is there any reason you came up with such production? What is it that you want to deliver in the production?

A5. @ Iness_j.y_park
Of course.
Sharing my “how-to” in drawing is such a honor, and it will be very delightful to see how this would help others.
It was also an enthusiastic journey for me to put that “how-to” contents in one page in cartoon format for readability.
At first, I just came up with pictures to show the steps, but soon, there were comments asking for English translation.
As I wrote in very simple English vocabularies, I thought to myself that there are some people out there to read what I’ve done.

I really want to introduce these parts if I had the chance to.

It seems you have quite a good relationship with many of PENUP users.
It is fun to see other artists’ caricature drawn by you. Is there any episode?

A6. @ Iness_j.y_park
Where we live is no different from digital world.
As I see more people cheering me and more artists that come as friends to me,
I felt very grateful about it, which led me to the desire to draw them.
These artists are the very initial digital caricature, so they seem a bit elementary.
But, I drew them as a practice but also a present for my gratitude.

As for episode, I could talk about the collaboration part.
(It is such a special experience to collaborate among people of different age groups.)

In particular, artist BacGyver really held me tight during the times when I first started digital drawing and got lost mentally.

I recall the memories where I felt very sorry not being able to respond to every request that was made to me.

You have many different type of women illustrations from a woman in Korean traditional costume to animation character type woman.
Is there a reason you like drawing women?

A7. @ Iness_j.y_park
My second major was character animation.
I grew up reading cartoons with older girls who belonged to this era so called “romance cartoon”.
Studying all those cartoons, I was attracted to pretty girl drawing.
That is why I am also a big fan of artist rang who draws pretty girl characters.

Just a simple thought – I am a woman myself,
so I have this affection and envy for perfect woman’s body and the beautiful feminine character.
Korean costume is something that I always wanted to draw, and I just like it so much.
I even decided to go for traditional wedding ceremony:)

Your caricature work is not only one style, but it has various styles.
The atmosphere of the person really changes depending on the drawing style.
Unlike the portrait that is as delicate as a photograph, what is important for a caricature would be your own style and idea.
Is there any tips or the areas that need attention for drawing a caricature?

A8. @ Iness_j.y_park
It is my know-how, but instead of drawing exactly the same with the person, I try to leverage the color psychological theory while looking at the image.
If the person is a friend of mine, I reflect the character or the personality that the person prefers to select the background or decoration color.
This is not only applicable for the digital, but also in hand drawings.

For example, if a person is perceived as a very gentle person in real life, I use light green and green and softer tools to decide on whether to make it look more of an oil painting or brush technique. If I know more information about the person – whether the person wants to be more outspoken or is currently studying – I use colors like navy or blue, which represent information and study.

The drawing style sometimes comes out of a random choice; due to my personality that wants to try on various styles, I would choose to draw air brush type one day, pen style the other day or perhaps two oil paintings.


With the humorous combination of easily seen photographs and your illustrations, a new and hilarious idea comes into drawing, which adds another enthusiasm in digital drawing that comes as an inspiration for other users.
Where do you get these ideas from?

A9. @ Iness_j.y_park
The drawing that was just introduced is one type of photo tunes, which is a real drawing style that combines photograph with drawings or calligraphy.
I got the idea from my past experience in college in 2004 where I combined the doll with photograph.
I am still working on this style.

The photograph used for the drawing was taken by an amateur photographer.
The photographer is Lee Jong-jin, who has copyright in approved photography related pick site.

I got permission from the photographer for usage and for uploading on PENUP.

I really can’t just pass along high quality photography that could really make another story from simple cartoon type. I want to continue using this photographer’s photographs eternally; so, I just decided to marry him.

You’ve done many calligraphy works using many of PENUP users’ names.
You should have impressed many PENUP users with the surprising presents and you would have come in good relationship with many users surpassing the digital barrier.
Could you please let us know if there is any area for improvement or ideas for PENUP?

A10. @ Iness_j.y_park
I’ve always had interest for handwriting – from oriental brush art calligraphy, POP advertisement handwriting and to calligraphy.
It was just a present, and I was even more thankful when users approached me for the calligraphy.
The calligraphy perhaps would be less professional and would be a simple character drawing.
But, I was so grateful that the PENUP users came to me for their daughter’s name and their own name and complimented me for what I did.
I was also grateful that I’ve witnessed how I could make someone happy and could make myself happy in turn.
Recently, there was an error where many followers just disappeared, which gave me hard time finding them.
I thought that it would be very helpful if there is a system that helps me organize the friend list.

Personally, I would be very honored if I could have an opportunity to share my drawing know-how, and I am very thankful to PENUP team for this interview.

The interview with @ Iness_j.y_park let us understand her world of art and new relationship in digital world.

We hope that your August would be a fabulous one, finding small but meaningful elements around your daily life.

Fun, Express, Share!

-The PENUP Team