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[Review] Challenge of July (1)

The first challenge of July!

Don’t you usually imagine greyish city with umbrellas?

In this challenge, we were able to witness diverse artworks that reinterpreted umbrella from different situations and viewpoints.

Please send words of congratulations to these ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in this “umbrella” challenge. :)

Mama's Umbrella☔🌂 / @Choloaldon
Untitled / @vlad

These two artworks showcase vivid colors in sun.

A woman is holding up high sunshade umbrella filled with flower patterns.
Vivid colors in red, blue and others come in bright contrast with the sky.
It was done by @Choloaldon.

Another woman in sunglasses is holding a red sunshade umbrella.
The red and black fashion color is protruding its presence under the sun.
This artwork belongs to @vlad.

Umbrellas in the park in the rain / @catiarcy
Abandoneds / @Limithakpal

These two artworks are filled up by umbrellas of different colors and sizes.

On a rainy day at the park, various people walk by with different umbrellas.
You can see some people wearing same toned apparel with the umbrella color.
An umbrella is indeed a fashion item.
This was done by @catiarcy.

Umbrellas of different sizes are waiting for their masters.
Isn’t it easy to figure out which umbrella belongs to which person? It was presented by @Limithakpal.

travel to the moon / @nuni
in the rain / @wanime

These two works show mystical scenes under the umbrellas.

The sky in the umbrella seems clear but there are clouds perhaps coming from the rain.
The woman seems to be walking on the clouds.
@nuni’s artwork is amazing enough, catering to its title “travel to the moon”.

Pastel tone waterdrops fall down to umbrella.
Doesn’t it seem as if the girl is getting a flower shower?
There is a cloud-like pond around the girl.
It is done by @wanime.

sunset on the lake / @Fer-275
romantic under the umbrella / @gustaf

These two artworks embrace a sense of romanticism.

A sun is setting towards the mountain.
The rear view looking towards the sunset under the umbrella while seated on a ferryboat and the sunset reflection on the river add romanticism.
It is done by @Fer-275.

A couple is spending romantic time under a red umbrella.
The rain seems to have stopped.
Now, it is time for the umbrella to show its multiple purpose. It is done by @gustaf.

Rainy Day / @koo
'Do something today' / @TumMeng_Inthira

How do you feel on rainy days?

A woman is holding up a blue umbrella on a street.
Her calmness goes well with the rainy day.
@koo’s drawing looks like a scene from a music video.

It should have poured; the boots are all soaked.
A kid has put the umbrella down and is getting a shower.
He should be a naughty boy that likes rain.

Or is it that he is giving a rest to his umbrella which had definitely been working hard to block the rain?
It is done by @TumMeng_Inthira who drew a blooming umbrella amongst small sprouts on the ground.

Here are our ten winners!


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Thank you.

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