2018-08-02. AM 05:28
[HOF] July 2018 @kelzwurld

Hello It's PENUP manager :)

How have you been?

When you see a portrait of realistic portrayal,
you may stop on a street just to look at it.

A portrait of delicate expression is cool enough,
but a caricature that shows the special features or characteristics of a person is fun to see as well.

A caricature is a drawing where characteristics of a person
or issue are expressed in fun and exaggerated manner.

It will be more fun to see caricatures as they will convey not only the particular characteristics,
attitudes of a character but also the overall atmosphere they are put in.

Our HOF of August works on caricatures that convey the characteristics of many people
in the artist’s own viewpoint.

Our HOF of August is artist @Iness_j.y_park.

@Iness_j.y_park not only does caricatures in the most effective manner by spotting the characteristics of each person
and convey them through the drawing,
but also interacts with other users on PENUP with the artist’s own calligraphy.

Go and see @Iness_j.y_park’s works and leave messages of congratulations on the artist’s Fanbook.
Also, press “likes” to the artworks that you like to interact with @Iness_j.y_park.

PENUP team

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