2018-08-01. AM 02:19
[Challenge] 2018. Aug : Let's draw Vacation

Hello, PENPLEs!

Do you have plans for this summer vacation?

In order to balance out the continuing life, we need pauses in between - whether big or small.

Our challenge theme for this time is on “Vacation”.

Summer vacation / @AntoineKhanji
trip to the rainforest / @termybug

This is the time when you need to spend happy time with friends and families
that you haven’t been around for a while;
the students may close the books
and the office workers should leave their mail boxes unopened for a while.

What type of vacation site do you prefer?

Relaxed nature,
or lively urbane.
There are differences in the landscapes of the vacation depending on the people’s preferences.

Sunset camping / @SPR
The key to happiness / @TumMeng_Inthira

Vacation doesn’t always have to be about going far away.

Far or near.

The small rest in daily life may play a huge role.

There are some people who believe that the rest is total blank, being afraid of stopping.

But, that pause is not only a blank; it is indeed the time to fill up the energy.

Life goes on, you know that.

airport / @Kikemo
vacation / @eunkyung

Milton Berle, the comedian in the states, was quoted as saying, “Laughter is an instant vacation”.

Spend laughter-full vacation.

This challenge goes on for 15 days from Wednesday, August 1 to Wednesday August 15.

We look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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