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[Review] Challenge of June (2)

The second challenge in June!

It maybe the rhythm and music in dance that let us feel the dynamic rhythm within the still image through this challenge.

Please send messages of congratulations to the ten winners below.
Thank you everyone who participated in the “music and dance” challenge.

78 Merci / @AlexManz
Let's draw Challenge / @UliUlrikeG

These two artworks shine in dark.

The dancer is making graceful movement by crossing both arms and legs.
She seems to be making a bow.
There is a reflection of the ballerina on the stage.
It is done by @AlexManz.

A woman in passionate red dress is dancing.
One of her legs is stretched out and she is putting her head up high with arm pointing high.
It seems to be dynamic dance movement.
The stars surrounding the woman make her stand out.
It is done by @UliUlrikeG.

Dance In The Galaxy 💙🌌 / @Yousif_Aqeel
물의 춤 / @rang

These two artworks show dance in special background.

A couple is dancing along together.
The background, surprisingly, is somewhere in the planet.
The notes carved out in the space are romantic.
This was done by @Yousif_Aqeel.

A woman is dancing on water.
Is she supposed to be a fairy of the water?
The water drops that bounce above make the scene mystical.
It was done by @rang.

Rockstar / @Moirtem
Scott Pilgrim / @kyle.g

Let us meet some rock stars one the stage.

The sunglasses and skeleton-printed leather jacket well show that he is a rock star.
@Moirtem portrayed a rock star singing hard.

Don’t you feel you can listen to the sound of an electric guitar with your own eyes?
@kyle.g’s artwork shows the visualization of the sound.
There is whirlpool and passion due to passionate play.

"Alegría Tradcional Mexicana" / @Ropestrart
the piano man / @StarkMinus

These two artworks showcase contrast.

A couple is dancing Mexican in passion.
The exuberant dress and vivid background really convey the traits of the dance.
@Ropestart’s artwork shows rhythmical moves.

A man is playing piano.
With the background that mimics the planet, the piano sound seems to be quite mystical.
It is done by @StarkMinus.

French Horn / @Dwight

These two artworks use lines.

What can you see?
It is Michael Jackson composed of various words.
You can see PENUP on top of the hat.
This is done by @krish who showed the feature of text art.

With the lines coming together, a French horn has been made.
It looks somewhat simple, yet solid.
This is done by @Dwight.

Below are our ten winners. Congratulations!


Please leave words of congratulations to the ten winners!

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We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

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