2018-07-16. AM 02:21
[Challenge] 2018. July : Let's draw Under the sea

Hello, PENPLEs!

Do you like sea?

There are so many different living organisms under the sea.
What is taking place in the deep ocean that we cannot reach out?

This challenge is themed on “Under the Sea”.

Orcas / @AntoineKhanji
shark / @raviv

There are rules to existence under the sea.
Shark is namely the most dangerous sea animal, and it is the most threatening predator.

Since a shark does not have a bladder that makes it float above the sea, it swims on and on just to float.

The smell sensory of a shark is amazing; it is said that it can detect the smell of blood even if it only a drop of blood is diluted in 1 million-fold more water.

On the bottom of the ocean / @katerina
Under The Sea / @Brandy

In the deep sea, relics and gold are found.
Such discovery is a moment for a new story revelation that had been hidden deep down the sea.

When you go for scuba diving in clear sea, you can meet vivid colored coral and fish.

In deep sea that is filled with darkness that is so deep that it cannot be measured, there are so many stories that exist in it.

octopus / @Megarooski
beast of the sea / @GhostArtist

Fill your imaginations of sea through “Under the Sea” challenge.

This challenge will continue for 16 days from Monday, July 16 to Tuesday, July 31.

We look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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