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[HOF] July 2018 @kelzwurld

Hello It's PENUP manager :)

How have you been?

Have you ever watched the show, “How Animals See the World”?

For us humans, we see a dandelion as yellow, but bees see them as red.
This is because bees can process light that humans can’t, and so the bees can find the nectar inside the flowers.

The mysterious purple scenery and grey world, which we can’t see with our own eyes is strange and diverse, as well as uniquely beautiful.

In my opinion, this is the power of color:
It helps us see the world as more vibrant and lovely;
and if one scenery changes its color, it takes on a completely different impression and seems like a different space.

Even in PENUP,
You can see that for the same coloring design, the coloring from each artist’s imagination makes a unique and one-and-only piece of art.

In the July’s HOF artists’ works,
you can see the special works of art that portray each individual’s creativity and color.

2018, July’s prominent artist is artist @kelzwurld.

@kelzwurldis so filled with brilliant ideas and imagination that even the original coloring design is difficult to recall.

Please leave your congratulatory messages to July’s HOF @kelzwurld, whose artwork leaves you no time to feel bored.

Also, press ‘like’ for the pictures that you enjoy, and leave comments to communicate with the artist @kelzwurld :D

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