2014-12-31. AM 12:59
  • Hello! Penple, now we are happy to introduce the varied and improved functions we have prepared for you.
  • ■ A quick look at PEN.UP news – Curation Card Function has been added.
  • The curation card function, which was available only for Galaxy Note4 PEN.UP, is now offered to everyone.
  • You can see all the PEN.UP News in My feed window.
    At a glance, you can see Challenge of the Month, HOF and various news and popular pictures and tags. Moreover, recommending and inviting friends are easy with My Friends Management.
    Enjoy the more interesting PEN.UP with a single touch. ^^
  • ■ Try the faster Heart!
  • Are you tired of waiting after pressing Heart? From now on, you don’t need to. The faster reaction of Heart will make the friendship of Penple stronger.
    Double-tap the work on the list, and You can give a heart. Give your friends more hearts and replies.

  • ■ Enjoy the works of your favorite artists with a slideshow.
  • Go into the artist’s profile, and click on 'Collections', and you can see the works for each collection with slideshows.
    It’s exciting just to think of the scene of a flow of the wonderful pictures like a movie. ^^
  • ■ You can make the work your background if you like it!
  • Have you got a best for today? Then make it your background by pressing Menu button at the top right corner and clicking on Set as.
    It’s a little bit of pleasure to decorate your daily life with your favorite pictures.
  • ■ Now you’ve got a button for going to the blog!
  • Click on Settings, and press PEN.UP blog.
  • PEN.UP blog is full of interesting and useful stories including monthly interviews of HOF, introduction to challenges, and comments, etc. Pay frequent visits. It’s easy and fast.
    We will wait for you.
  • We will come back with more updates for PEN.UP, which is fast growing thanks to your love and interest.
    PEN.UP will try to continue to better our service so that we could become a funny and convenient community with your wonderful drawings.

    For update, click here.
  • We love 5 stars. Please! ~ >_<