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[Challenge] 2018. July : Let's draw Umbrella

Hello PENPLEs.

How is it the weather in your region? Is it mild?
There are places that are rainy.

Umbrella fills up the streets once it starts rain.

This challenge topic is 'Umbrella'.

dream / @fatimahomer
rainy day / @silver77

Umbrella was originated from Latin word “umbra” that signifies shadow.

Umbrella that looks like a shield signifies coziness in the western countries.
It also represented royal families and social status, while working as a skin protector against sun.

It was first used as a means to shield the sunlight, in other words the sunshade concept of today.
It was in 18th century when the umbrella became a means to evade from the rain.

Rain 👦☔👧 / @Cong.gee
little kid & kitten / @nabi

Umbrella reminds of many scenes.

The vivid colored umbrellas seen from the top of the overpass.
People trying to hold tight to the umbrella that turned upside down in storm.
Parents waiting for their kids with extra umbrellas at schools on rainy days.

The umbrella is represented in many forms in movies as well.
It is dance tool in musical movies and it also represents different emotions of characters in romantic movies.

Beard and umbrella / @Lucs
a rainy day / @Jumpyo92

What kind of memories do you have with an umbrella?
Please share your memories via PENUP.

This challenge will continue on for 15 days from Sunday, July 1 to Sunday July 15.

We look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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