2018-06-18. AM 10:33
[Interview] HOF of June 2018 @zak

Our HOF of June is an artist
who creates the very mystical aspect of new color
through visual combination of pure colors.

HOF of June goes to @zak. Let us start an interview with @zak to explore the artist's world of art.

Hello, artist @zak!
We are from PENUP team.
You've become our HOF of June! Congratulations!

Please tell us how you feel about becoming the HOF of the month.

A1. @ zak
Firstly, I wanna thank all the penup team for their effective & continuous efforts for managing & for developing this wonderful global artistic app,
u know among all the apps on my Samsung phone, PENUP is my favorite & my number one app, so yeh of course
I'm surprised & very happy, to be chosen for the JUNE HOF 2018 its really mean a lot to me.
but it's all thanks & appreciation due to my friends on here, who encourage me, & sharing their thoughts & opinions with me,
& many time even inspiring me too by their diverse artworks & ideas & their different techniques & cultures. so again a big thanks to all of u my dear friends.

Please give us a little background of yourself and also please tell us what kind of artwork you are working on.

A2. @ zak
My name is Zakaria. I'm in the thirties of my age married man.
Currently, I live in Morroco, I'm self-taught, self-employed,
I started painting since my childhood. usually, I work with paints on canvas...
I work also on murals & advertising boards but sometimes in my free time
I enjoy working in voluntary action with some association to paint murals around our city walls.

How did you get to start PENUP?

A3. @ zak
I discovered penup when I got my first phone Samsung Note2 as a gift from my wife,
so by curiosity, i was checking some apps on there & I found it
I liked it since the first time I have seen it

Your way of expression shown in your artwork is very unique.
It kind of recalls impressionism.
How did you get to take the approach of combining all the touches of different colors for expression?

A4. @ zak
I like to enjoy all different types of art & expressions, like the realism & surrealism & cubism...etc,
but those genres don’t really awake the same feelings inside me as much as the impressionism,
So if u ask me which genre has attracted me most, then i could say it's the impressionism,
I'm very impressed by that kind of art, it attracts to me because it express my perception of nature, rather than create exact representation,
Plus it gives me more freedom to enjoy any paint stroke I want, with diverse colors depend on my feelings,
I admire also all genres which created out from impressionism as the pointillism, & the expressionism...etc,
so that why u can notice that passion or that influence in my painting

The color harmony in your artwork seems to be the special aspect of yours.
Is there any knowhow to express the colors more harmoniously?

A5. @ zak
Honestly, all I know is some simple principles of colors,
that anyone can learn about like warm & cool colors, primary & Secondary Colors, complementary & neutral colors...etc
so for me, all that is left to is just some diligence, simply I use my feelings my honest feelings such a compass or direction indicator to chose which colors I need to use

Your artwork themes are diverse.
There are artworks of general daily life, still-life painting or abstract artworks using only colors.
Where do you usually get the inspirations for the artworks?

A6. @ zak
I'm very impressed by the artists of the past, like Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Seurat, Paul Signac etc.,
I have read quite a bit about those artists & their lives,
I have many copies of their works on my room walls but I actually get inspired by all my environment & my inner emotion trying to express myself in a special & different way.
i also get inspired from my friends artworks that i can't deny their favor & there diverse inspiring thought & stunning artworks on PENUP!

It is easy to see artworks with symbolic meanings in your artworks.
Especially, the artwork titled "Bleakness" was very impressive;
please give us more details about this artwork.

A7. @ zak
I can't tell you everything because I use my emotion to express myself in a way
that I'm not able to by words so sometimes my painting stems from my subconscious, but I can tell when I was a little boy, I been raised up as a lonely boy.
I play alone, eat alone, go school alone, barely, when I had a friend,
the most of my friends been animals either a little bird in cage or a hen in coop, or a street dog or a homeless cat depend on the spacetime my animals friends never been happy or grateful to me.
I don't blame them because me too, I used to feel sad, such a prisoner into the city landmarks,
I never liked the civilisation or how people are living mechanically such robots.
I was waiting a whole year for the summer time to go to my grandparent's farm
they're living by farming in the countryside so only there in nature I feel my existence, my freedom & my happiness. you can notice that memories influence in a lot of my paintings.
When I grew up I have been integrated a little with my community but still once in a while I feel that need for solitude maybe for meditation to clear my mind& my soul or maybe just solitude for solitude!
that's it I tried to give a little overview about 'Bleakness' which expresses a side of my character & it's up to the beholder to conclude his view from his impression with my artwork.

Among many artworks you've uploaded on PENUP, are there any artworks you remember or you are fond of?

A8. @ zak
I’m fond to most of my paintings.
I admit sometimes I paint just to improve my skills but often there is a purpose or a story behind my artwork
I'd like to mention for example for the one named (a man of dignity & a disloyal tree)
I really paint that one with all my love and passion
it was my grandpa the words is unable to describe my love for him, since my childhood not because he’s my grandpa
but because he’s a symbol of a nature lover for me a humble & spontaneous man that devoted all his life to take care of the nature faithfully full with hope & ambition,
he used to wake up every day since the sunrise & he keep working on
farming & caring & cleaning & watering olive trees all day till the sunset my grandpa lived about hundred years in the same routine such a poor man without any complain !

The odd thing is when u plant that type of trees u must already know that u won’t get any benefit from that trees in whole your life cus it takes long years for an olive tree to grow up & to start to produce!

So, I tried to commemorate that wonderful loving man memories in a way that I express my love & admiration for him at the same time & also
I shared it with my friends on PENUP & I got too much admiration
Thanks for the appreciation of PENUP team too for picking it up as one of the May challenge winners,
hats really mean a lot to me I showed that to my grandma & all my family it made them very happy


There should be some difference in terms of appeal between digital drawing and analogue type drawing.
Could you please tell us the advantage of digital art?

A9. @ zak
There are many advantages to mention,
you know with a little handheld device I can improve my skills in painting wherever & whenever I want
without smearing my clothes with paints, without any chemical smell, what's moreover personally I'm a hesitant person,
so in regular painting it takes much time & efforts to correct the wrong brush stroke, but with digital it's easy, all it takes is a single or a few taps of a button to undo my mistake, then I can start again.

We are left with last question.
Is there any room for improvement for better PENUP service?

A10. @ zak
Everything is alright I have only one technical obstacle

(1) It's concerning to the notification bell, because when I have too many notification & comments from my friends,
I just reply the ones on the top, so when I try to back to the notification timeline it brings me always back to the beginning notifications,
which doesn't allow me to interact with all my friends.

(2) Another thing, its just seeing from my perspective it's concerning the horizontal artworks as we see on PENUP timeline the most artwork are the vertical ones,
its clearly shown & dominant but the horizon ones it takes a narrow place on the design template,
which doesn't allow people to interact with it as much as it deserves & personally
that’s doesn't encourage me to paint horizon artworks
so I wish u could work for that for a better productivity & diverse artistic ideas & thank you.

The interview with @zak was indeed a meaningful time for us to explore about artist @zak's insights.
The diverse and pure color dots sometimes become an artwork just with the touch,
and the new drawing that is created through the combination of the colors will give another entertainment to the audience.

Even around us, a type of light that was deemed a single light could showcase various colors along with the changes in environment and flow in time;
it could even become a totally new color once combined to fill up our life.

Hope all of PENPLEs' daily life could be diverse and beautiful for a colorful June!

Fun, Express, Share!

-The PENUP Team