2018-06-18. AM 02:54
[Challenge] 2018. June : Let's draw Music and Dance

Hello, PENPLEs!

What kind of music and dance do you like?

Music and dance always fill up our daily lives when we watch TV or when you walk on street.

Wherever there is music, there is dance, and wherever there is dance, there is music.

Today’s challenge theme is “Music and Dance.”

Flamenco / @iJimbov
passion..love..dance ♡/ @N.D.T

There are some images that pop up in mind in relation to music and dance.

Different countries’ traditional dance with folk song.
Contemporary dance with elegant movement on classical music.
Sports with dance and music together.
Latin Dance like Samba and Tango.

Each dance has its own origin and conveys history.

Black or White / @kopimug
Mardi Gras / @NYS-ART

There are dance pieces that are popular that swept the world for a long time.
There are also trendy dances in accordance with the era.
The fans follow along those dances and share their cover up dance clips.

At performance centers, it is not so difficult to see where people come in unity with dance and music.
The boundaries among the countries are no longer meaningful.

Violin / @AntoineKhanji
Música / @UZart

PENUP is also comprised of people from different countries and different ethnic backgrounds.
We believe that this challenge will be an opportunity to find out unique dance and music of different country.
Please draw the music and dance you want.

This challenge will continue on for 15 days from Saturday, June 16 to Saturday, June 30.

We look forward to your participation and good pieces.

Thank you.

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