2018-06-12. AM 09:30
[notice] Jurassic world coloring drafts

Hello, it’s PENUP team :)

A lot of people have shown great works continuously
and much appreciation is going around since PENUP started the coloring service.

In response to such interest and affection about the coloring service,
PENUP has brought you delightful news.

We sometimes get curious about the things or beings that had once existed but no longer are available;
in particular, the dinosaur should once have been a friend in the childhood that has intrigued imagination and curiosity.

They were once the invaders of the Earth but they are only available in our imagination at this time;
this is why they are a popular source for scientific novels, cartoons and movies.

What comes to your mind when you think about dinosaur movies?

Perhaps, Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic Park” will pop in many of the people’s mind.

Jurassic Park, which was first released jn 1993, is movie series that has realized the childhood dreams of
many people and it has indeed been greatly praised by the audience and the critics.
Its series were also loved by the audience.

The follow up series and the fifth piece of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,
is to be released on June 22 worldwide.

In order to offer new joy to those who like this movie,
we are introducing a coloring sketch that captures the scenes of Universal Pictures’ Jurassic Park.

With five coloring sketch sheets of Jurassic World only available through PENUP,

enjoy the very new approach to remember the movie and share this moment with PENUP.

From June 15, a new coloring sketch will be uploaded once in every two days.
The PENUP team will also be looking forwards to meet enthusiastic and fun colored sheets of Jurassic World.

*Please refer to below for more information and trailer of the movie*

If you can’t play the video, please click the link below.


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-The PENUP Team