[HOF] JUNE 2018 @ZAK

2018-06-04. AM 02:41
[HOF] June 2018@zak

Hello All of you :)

Have you ever seen pointillism art pieces where pure colored dots are made in different locations
to express new color and complete a new form instead of expressing the surface with mixed colors?

George Seurat from France in the 20th century is a representative artist of this technique.
You can see his pieces in Musée d'Orsay in Paris.
It is said that you can never get to know the charm of Seurat’s pieces before you see them with your naked eyes.

In the artworks by our HOF of June, you can get to explore a totally new world
that has come to life with pure combination of colors like those of Seurat.

Our HOF of June is artist @zak.

When you see the art pieces from near sight,
you can get to see the purity of the colors that have been brought to life with delicate touches
and the power of colors and vividness with the colors coming differently
when you see them from far sight.

The artworks by zak present visual magic
where the pure colors are perceived as other colors depending on
the size of the dots or the surrounding colors.

please enjoy the artworks by zak, our HOF of June,
which show a totally new world with effort-full dots
and leave message of congratulations on the artist’s Fanbook.
Also, go ahead and interact with zak by giving “Likes” to the artworks you like and by leaving comments.


-The PENUP Team