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[Review] Challenge of May (1)

Our first challenge of May!

It was indeed a challenge full of love for the family that warms one’s heart up.

Please leave congratulatory messages to our 10 winners below.
Thank you everyone who participated in “My Family” challenge.

Happy Mothers Day Mama! / @xermar
a man of dignity & a disloyal tree / @zak

These two artworks show lovely smiles.

The first one is done by @xermar who has drawn mother in pink clothes in front of bright sky blue colored wall.
The eyes behind the sunglasses will be smiling too. This artwork makes one feel happy.

This seems to be a capture from a postcard.
A smiling grandfather is holding flowers in his hand and sitting down the olive tree.
Has he lived on tree farming?
@zak’s artwork shows the long life that the grandfather has been planting.

My mom and sister / @Lydian
My Little Heart / @Saabi

These two works show views of love.
The mother and daughter are smiling at each other.
How is it? Don’t they look alike?
How the artist expressed the shade and light of the skin with pointillism is very impressive as well.
It’s done by @Lydian.

A dad is embracing a cute baby.
It seems like the eyes of dad are full of love.
The baby and the dad seem to have similar clothes one.
It’s done by @Saabi.

hide and seek / @nuni
untitled / @j.yo

These two artworks show people with their pets.

The cat and the baby are taking the same gesture and looking at the same place.
They seem to be doing hide and seek.
The catcher seems to be outside the fence.
The hands that come out of the fence are very cute, aren’t they?
It’s done by @nuni.

The next comes @j.yo’s artwork that captures a family of three including mom, baby and dog.
They seem to have went out for a ball play at the park for family picnic.
The baby will jump around with the dog when he grows bigger.

my family / @ThreeStar
Always Beside You. / @TumMeng_Inthira

These two artworks show the power of family.

Every family member seems to play Taekwondo.
What an energetic family.
The youngest one in the middle may receive his black belt soon, right?
It is just incredible how you could enjoy the same sports as one family.
This was done by @ThreeStar.

A family of four is climbing up the curvy hills with all energy put together.
Behind the scene, there is vivid sun rising.
It seems like a family would encounter a great future if they hang on to each other despite hardships and troubles.
@TumMeng_Inthira gave a warm artwork where it lets you think about the meaning of a family once again.

It's Family Time! / @Sumati
Pops and Sis / @solamentedanny

Let us meet another family.

Well dress family is smiling brightly in front of the camera.
Is it a special day for the family?
The son looks exactly like his dad, and the daughter resembles her mother.
This is done by @Sumati.

In this artwork, you see a dad with strong character – he likes to wear a cap that writes “Lucky”, enjoys drinking carbohydrates, and often wears hero character T-shirt.
Is the word inscribed something Dad says often?
It is done by @solamentedanny.

Below are our 10 winners.


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