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[Interview] HOF May 2018 @nuni

From a long ago, sun and moon have been symbolic
as they were regarded as the guardians of the sky.
This symbolic definition is hard to convey in drawings.

Our HOF of May is an artist
who communicates the symbolic definition and mystical mood with a drawing
where only PENUP tools are used.
It is artist @nuni
We are sharing with you the interview with @nuni
to enhance our understanding on the artists’ works.

Hello, artist @nuni!
We are from the PENUP team.
You’ve been appointed as the HOF of May.
Please tell us how you feel.

A1. @ nuni
Hey there, it’s a wonderful news! I’m feeling happy and overwhelmed to hear from you.
First, I must say, it is a great honor for me to be accepted to the HOF of PENUP!

It is a marvelous application and I truly enjoy using it,
PENUP makes the entire process of drawing very easy, fun and reachable.
Thanks to PENUP, I took my drawing to a new level and got a first look into the digital world of drawing.
Up until the day I met PENUP, I used the good old canvas, pencils and paintbrushes –
nowadays, I can’t recall when the last time I used my canvas, pencils and paintbrushes was.
Moreover, I got to meet so many people from all over the world and
I can even say that I have gained some new friends through this app. Having so many people to watch,
review and share my drawings with motivates me to draw more and to be even more creative each artwork.
So, thank you for this great app and thank you for electing me to the HOF of PENUP.

Please give us a brief introduction of yourself and
also could you please tell us what kind of artworks you are working on now?

A2. @ nuni
I’m a happily married family man, father of four lovely children, a person who likes to travel and explore new places.
I love life and enjoy being around people.

Drawing is a big and very important part of my life, I draw from the day I remember my self,
I love all kinds of artworks, specially, the surrealistic, mystic and landscape genres.
I express my thoughts and feelings in my artworks –
I enjoy the fact I can bring my thoughts into life and be able to share them with other people.
Tell you what my next creation is going to be?
Do you want me to ruin the artwork surprise I have for my followers? lol. Well, I hope they will forgive me ;-)
For my next artwork, I thought of bringing something more surrealistic.
Something from the depths of my dreams and my imagination.
I am trying to bring something fresh, that is not similar to any of my other works
I’ve published so far, and I hope my viewers will like it.

How did you get to know PENUP?

A3. @ nuni
When I purchased my Galaxy Note 8,
I explored the phone and its features, as I do with every new phone of mine,
and I ran into this app that came with the phone,
Since then I’m in love (for the second time in my life) with PENUP.

I would like to talk about your artwork.

It seems like you are interested in the change of nature and time.
There are many artworks where you’ve expressed the difference in the object’s day and night like seen in “My Sailboat”.
There should be your own viewpoint in portraying the change of the light and object with the time flow.
Could you please give us detailed explanation on this?

A4. @ nuni
That is quite difficult to explain.
Lightning (and shadows, of course) is perhaps my favorite part in the entire process of drawing.
Lightning can take a neutral drawing and give it a totally different perspective – it is not necessarily a day or night manner.
Every object looks different in the day and the night,
When I am creating an artwork I either draw straight from my mind or by actually inspecting the object,

When I draw, I imagine myself starting at the object from a certain angle and think to myself,
how the sun, moon or any other source of light is reflecting on the object,
how it affects the object itself and how it changes the object’s interaction with its vicinity. Also, I find the change in the light as a process the object is having.

And speaking of the “My Sailboat” artwork,
The "My Sailboat" artwork actually had a third drawing of a stormy weather, which I did not upload.
Perhaps, I really should upload it.

Your artworks somehow attract people with the power of mystical moon and indeed they convey the special symbol of moon.
Is there any special reason you draw moon – especially full moon? What does moon mean to you?

A5. @ nuni
The moon reminds me of sacred rituals and the unsolved mysteries of life,
the old world where it was misunderstood and worshipped. It is so great and powerful, yet hides in the dark.
The full moon is hiding something and perhaps means that there are more to come that we are not aware of.

The sunset is something that appears in your artwork frequently.
The contrast of the red sky with the strong sun energy and the shadow is one special feature that is owned by your artworks.
What symbolic implication would there be in the landscape where the sunsets and red colored landscape?

A6. @ nuni
The sun is a huge source of energy, the red color is a strong, vibrant and to me, symbolizes life and the beauty of nature.
The mystical connection between the red color and the sun amazes me, it’s powerful and represents eternity for me –
That’s the feeling I’m trying to bring out with my drawings.

When looking at your artworks, one would feel humble and modest at the view of beautiful nature.
When you draw the artworks that convey these animals and the landscape of the nature,
what is the element that comes as an inspiration to you?

A7. @ nuni
I don’t have any specific inspiration element, I let my mood and imagination do the work.
While I draw a landscape, I contemplate how I would want the landscape to look like or what creatures or objects I would like seeing in this landscape.
After the landscape is drawn, all objects, whether, it’s people, animals or even trees that reside in the landscape’s area are placed into the drawing as I saw it in my imagination.

Sometimes I see a photo of a landscape, could be either a mountain or a river, and I draw it with my own interpretation and add visual symbols that I find appealing to me.

Is there any special artwork that you remember the most
or have more affection among many artworks that you’ve uploaded on PENUP?

A8. @ nuni
I love all artworks I upload to my PENUP profile,
it’s hard to point at specific one or even a few,
but there are few artworks that I really like and can think of at the moment,
to start with one of my latest artworks: “My guardian angel”; or some more artworks, that I can think of are:
“Hide and seek”, “You better run”, “Dream night” and “Night in Africa’.
I really love all of them equally, but those are the ones that come to my mind at the moment.


In your profile, you said that you drew only with Galaxy Note 8 and PENUP tools. Is there any reason why? Please tell us the advantages of PENUP tool if there are any.

A9. @ nuni
Yes indeed, all of my artworks published on my PENUP profile are created only by using my Galaxy Note 8 and PENUP.

PENUP is super easy to use, convenient and makes the entire process of drawing faster and more productive, as it is virtual,
it removes most of the tedious actions needed to do if I had used an actual canvas. Of course, it is good for the environment as you don’t need to use an actual paper.
The UI is straight forward, simple and has exactly the functionality needed to bring a great quality drawings with your phone - I personally, love the fact it remembers the last few colors used.
Combining all of the above and you get a great drawing tool.

Thank you for your active participation in PENUP.
Lastly, is there anything you want from our PENUP team
or is there anything we could do to give better service at PENUP?

A10. @ nuni
PENUP is great as it is at the moment, but there are two main things that I can think of,at the moment that I personally think would make PENUP even better.
First, is to add more types of brushes and pencils that would produce better and more accurate drawings and with much less effort.
Second, it would be great if the PENUP team was much contactable -
in case, a user has a question or is facing a bug in the app – that would help a lot.

Other than that, I find the PENUP really convenience and easy to use.
I personally really enjoy using it.

This was our interview with @nuni.
It was surely a chance for us to feel the passion of the artist.

We’ve started May with artist nuni who lets us see beautiful and shiny moonlight embedded sky.
Hope all of the PENUP people have bright May!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team