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[Review] Challenge of April (2)

The second challenge in April!

It was an indeed a chance to meet various dinosaurs from the very threatening ones to the cute ones.

Please send note of congratulations to below 10 winners.
Thank you everyone who participated in the “Dinosaur” challenge. : )

untitled / @N.D.T
Brachiosauruses / @catiarcy

These two works show coexistence.

A giant dinosaur is accompanied by a small friend.
His teeth are surely visible, but they don’t look scary.
@N.D.T’s work showed friendship between two breeds.

This is Bracchiosaurus who was said to be over 20m tall.
A herd is walking in the water.
Are they taking a bath?
@catiarcy’s work makes one wonder how long the legs in the water would be.

dinosaur costume family / @feltboy
Magasin / @Reda-RHARDANE

These two are cartoon dinosaurs.

You see a family in dinosaur costume.
Dad in a necktie is blowing fire out of the mouth, and the mom dinosaur is looking at the baby with affection.
The artwork, as lovely as the mother’s eyes, is done by @feltboy.

This is a cover page of a dinosaur magazine.
In the main picture, red colored dinosaur is in his suit and is holding a note in his mouth, while his eyes are red.
Next to him, a wanted shows a dinosaur.
What had happened?
This work is done by @Reda-RHARDANE.

Dinos / @adolphlip

These two are roaring dinosaurs.

Are they chasing after something?
The gigantic dinosaur is wandering around for a target.
The look of the dinosaur standing on the road is quite threatening. It is by @KATS.

The two dinosaurs are facing each other with their mouths opened. Are they fighting against each other?
@adolphlip’s artwork shows wild aspect in a dinosaur.

dinosaur / @PhizziePhish
coleccion dinos / @fresnedo

These artworks deliver texture in a lively manner.

The dinosaur in dark night is quite unique to see.
Its skin reflected in the sheer light of night seems to be smooth. It is done by @PhizziePhish.

The dinosaur has attractive red color.
The pattern covering head and neck seems to be special hairstyling.
@fresnedo showed detailed depict of skin texture in the artwork.

Hatchlings / @ivanski215
teeth / @David-E

How are the dinosaurs born and grown?

The dinosaur that just came out of the egg has its tongue pulled out.
The shadow at the back maybe its mom.
Another baby dinosaur is about to be born in the egg right beside. This is done by @ivanski215.

These are scary teeth.
It is said that many analysis can be made out of dinosaur’s teeth.
@David-E’s artwork makes one wonder whether it would be a herbivore or a carnivore.

Below are our 10 winners.


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