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[Review] Challenge of April (1)

April’s first challenge!

It was an interesting challenge to see the process of several simple lines making up a shape.

Please send your congratulatory messages to the 10 people below ~

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Line Drawing’ Challenge.

untitled / @vlad
colorful linedraw portrait / @Fbart

These are two drawings of a person.

Thick lines are drawn for the hair, And seemingly careless lines make up a delicate side profile.
This is by @vlad.

This work of art is by @Fbart: who used thin strokes to draw a girl. Using different colored strokes expressed a natural light and shading.

Sausage line drawing / @Robyn
French bulldog / @kitel7991

Should we meet two adorable puppies?

Is the puppy getting up, or lying down?
Aren’t the two back legs gathered together so cute? This is by @Robyn’s.

The French bulldog’s ears are perked up and it is looking at something.
Even with simple lines, @kitel7991 has managed to portray a coy expression.

Village / @raulyy
FastBall / @NYP

These are two pieces showing a peaceful alleyway.

A father and son are walking hand in hand.
Between the stores, flowers have bloomed on a tall tree.
The atmosphere is very still and quiet.
This is by @raulyy.

Far away, you can see the silhouette of two people.
The people and the cats sitting on the sidewalk, are watching them.
The speech bubbles above their heads, make us curious about what happened. This is by @NYP.

The Idris kiss… / @artNstillLife
line drawing / @D.I.

These two detailed drawing catch our attention.

@artNstillLife has drawn Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” with a line drawing.
Without the intense gold color, we are left with the simple lines, and the many patterns catch our eyes.

Open windows are seen among the straight houses.
Plastic bags are placed next to the steps.
Electric lights are crisscrossing between the building.
Cracks are on the walls.
The various elements of a street have been portrayed in this drawing by @D.I.

Hickory Dickory Dock / @Dwight
Gnote 8 elegance / @Elmoghira

We are going to look at two objects now.

There is a grandfather clock.
Like never-ending time ticking away, this clock has been drawn with continuous lines joined together.
This is by @Dwight.

These straight lines make a sleek Galaxy Note 8.
The hands are drawn with many short and long lines.
These lines wonderfully illustrate the curve of a hand.
This is by @Elmoghira.

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