[HOF] MAY 2018 @NUNI

2018-05-03. AM 02:31
[HOF] May 2018 @nuni

Hello, PENPLEs!

We sometimes get so busy that we even forget to look up to the sky.
When we look at the sun that gives red shine to the sky,
We sometimes get inspired.

We event get a sense of comfort by looking at the moon after the tiring long day.
Sometimes, the moonlight would put into delight.

Is there anything mystically stronger than moon and sun in nature that have so much symbols?
We are maybe more attracted to the power of moon and sun and regard them mystical
since we can’t touch them directly

You may feel the mystic energy from the moon and sun from the artworks of our HOF of May.

It is artist @nuni.

The same ordinary days my come differently under the moon and sunlight.
The same objects will present different mood according to the change in lights of time.
In artist nuni’s artworks,
you will confront with the new facet of the day according to the change in time.


Please get inspired with the new life that our HOF of May – artist @nuni –
and please do leave congratulatory messages in the artist Fanbook.
Also, press “likes” to the artworks that you like and communicate with the artist by leaving comments.

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