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[Challenge] 2018. May : Let's draw My family

Hello, PENPLEs!

There are many celebrative moments in relation to family on May.
Korea celebrates Children’s Day and Parents’ Day in May while the U.S. celebrates Mother’s Day.

The 15th of May is the Day of Family appointed by UN, and this day is supposed to showcase the importance of family and to spread out the role and responsibilities of a family.

Our challenge for this month is themed on “My Family”.

family / @LakshitaKSAS
My Little Family / @RyanDio

How do you define a family?

Each one of us may have different meaning in regards to this, but the general concept is somebody who could support you in hard times whether or not you are with them.

This relationship is often taken for granted but surely there is destiny behind a family.

Happy mothers day / @Morvi
내딸 / @seoyeondaddy

We care for each other under the umbrella of so called a family.

There are many different forms to a family: a family of a couple, a family with many siblings, a family with huge number of members, and a family with only single child who is much loved by the parents.

In a family where there is a cat or dog, these pets would be precious members too.

Likewise, the atmosphere may vary from family to family.

RIP Mom - my late mother circa 1980s / @RicoTheTico
Happy bday to my hubby / @Difa

There maybe somebody missed.
If you have some thoughts and feelings you have not expressed yet, why don’t you try to deliver through drawings?

Please draw your family.

This challenge goes on for 15 days from Tuesday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 15.

We look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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