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[인터뷰] 2018. 4월 HOF @Hanne

There is a giver that doesn’t expect anything back, but gives us endless blessings of life.
Can you feel this giver in your lives too?
It’s Nature.
When we’re in nature, it feels peaceful, like being in a mother’s arms.

We move further away from nature as life becomes modernized.
After a difficult day when you want some comfort you can leave on a trip to find nature.

@Hanne, our April HOF, has works of art that brings us peace and comfort.
On the artist’s feed, there is a display of vast nature.
Our artist, even without use of any fancy technique, expresses an elegant aura of nature that no one can imitate.

So, let’s start the interview. : )

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello, @Hanne.
We are the PENUP team.
We are really enjoying what you have posted on PENUP so far.

Congratulations for being picked for the April HOF!
Many people visit your fanbook to celebrate.

How do you feel?

A1. @Hanne :
Thank you.
I feel both happy and proud, but also surprised.
There are so many good artists here on PENUP, so being so noted by the PENUP team by being this month's Hof is a great honor.

Q2. @PENUP :
Please could you introduce yourself?

A2. @Hanne :
I am a 45 year old woman living in Norway.
I am married and have two adult children.
Throughout my life I have been working with different forms of art.
I have played piano ever since I was a little girl.
I have also had great pleasure singing in choirs and playing flute in a small orchestra.
Otherwise, photography has given me much pleasure, as well as hand crafts like sewing and crocheting, and drawing with soft pastel colors.
Another big interest of mine is gardening, I like growing vegetables in the kitchen garden and growing herbs in the greenhouse.

Q3. @PENUP :
Your first artwork was uploaded on October, 2017.
How did you get to know about PENUP?

A3. @Hanne :
I got to know PENUP when I bought my first Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
I looked at the different apps that I had not seen before on my old mobile phone.
I was curious about what it was, and started an account.
It took a little while until I posted my first picture.
Initially, I just looked at others' photos and became very impressed and also very interested.
There is so much inspiration to get by looking at others' pictures.
I study the techniques used, the motives and the color choices.

Q4. @PENUP :
You have been showing us a consistent theme of artwork.
You usually draw scenery, plants, animals, insects, or just nature.

We even speculated whether you live in the nature rather than a city life.
Is there any reason you only draw nature?

A4. @Hanne :
You are absolutely right!
I live on the countryside, surrounded by large forests and open fields.
I see the sea from my living room window.
I love life by the sea, fishing, searching for crabs and collecting shells.
There are many exciting guests in our garden.
It's a bustling bird life all year long, and in spring, it's great to sit in the garden watching birds getting ready for flying.
A large squirrel party visits daily to eat sunflower seeds, deer is coming at dusk, often to drink water from the garden pond and in the garden pond there are many goldfish, some toads and thousands of tadpoles.

Q5. @PENUP :
You have based your artwork on various subject-matters, but there seems to be many sunsets.
Picturesque sunsets on a forest, sea, or lake are really eye-catching.

Is there anything in nature that you especially like to draw?

A5. @Hanne :
Thank you! It is quite right that I am fond of drawing sunsets and water.
I feel very free in these motives, I can use strong colors and big contrasts, which I like.
Also, I do not pay attention to proportions, water and sunsets look good in the end anyway.
Otherwise, i like to draw woods and mountains, again because there is no “correct” way of drawing it.
I can play with the motives. Insects are also close to my heart.

Q6. @PENUP :
We are curious how you draw your pictures.
Do you go outdoors and observe or imagine it in your head, or if not either, perhaps look at a photograph?

A6. @Hanne :
I usually take photos of the garden and the surrounding area, and draw from the photos I take.
But sometimes, I draw from my imagination.

Q7. @PENUP :
On PENUP, you added the tags #Galaxy #Note and there are many users who introduce their devices.

On your intro, you have written, “Having fun with my Samsung note 8”

Actually digital drawing artists are quite interested in devices.
So sharing information can be very helpful to each other.

These days, do you still use your Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
When you draw, what are some of the advantages of a Note 8?

A7. @Hanne :
I started with digital drawing when I got my Note 8.
Before I got this phone, I barely knew what digital drawing was.
I still use my Note 8, but I do not know what benefits this mobile has over other mobiles and tablets.
One thing is for sure: I'm still having fun with my Note 8!

Q8. @PENUP :
You usually use the Artrage drawing app.
Your screen shots of the process on Artrage caught our eye.

There are many drawing apps out there, so is there a particular reason you use Artrage?
What are the advantages that only Artrage have?

A8. @Hanne :
It's a coincidence that ArtRage has become my favorite drawing app.
I was looking for an app that gave me the opportunity to draw in multiple layers, and here on PENUP a user had written in his profile that he used ArtRage.
I have some other drawing apps too, but I feel I know ArtRage best.
Unlike other drawing apps I've tried, ArtRage lets you use the entire screen to draw without any frames.
I like that a lot!

Q9. @PENUP :
There are 2 challenges from PENUP every month.
From the given challenges, the users can compare other ideas and expressions.
There are many excellent artworks that have come to light through these challenges.

Last year December, for the Christmas challenge ‘Holy Night’, your artwork was chosen.
You took a picture of the goods and sent a thank you to the PENUP team.
When we receive these appreciative gestures our team feels worthwhile. : )

How did you feel when you entered and was chosen for the challenge?

A9. @Hanne :
There were so many artists who took part in the challenge, and there were so many great pictures, so I never thought that my image would excel in any way.
Therefore I was very surprised when my picture was picked out, and of course I was happy!

Q10. @PENUP :
This the last question always included in an HOF interview.

Is there anything you hope for from the HOF team?

A10. @Hanne :
I'm really pleased with how the HOF team works, I want to thank you for everything you've done for the digital drawing community.
And for me, to be the HOF artist of April has given me more confidence in my drawings.

We have just had an interview with @Hanne.
If you have any additional questions, please leave your questions on the artist’s fanbook. : )

In Latin, April, means “to open’ and comes from the word ‘Aprilis’.
As we can see from the meaning, April is a month where we can open closed doors and move on to the next step.

Open the April’s door.
Behind the opening door, something new shall be awaiting you. : )

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