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[Review] Challenge of March (2)

The second challenge in March!

It was indeed a challenge where you could feel that spring is just around the corner.

Please send messages of congratulations to the 10 winners below.
Thank you everyone who participated in the “Feel Spring” challenge.

spring sound ! / @zak
untitled / @koo

These two pieces showcase unique brush touches.

The first is done by @zak; the drawing seems to deliver sound of spring through spring colors. The casual brush touches come together to showcase the singing bird on the branch.

Dotted spots make full bloomed flower and leaves, and tough brush paths are left with shadows. It is done by @koo.

봄 벚꽃소녀 / @Iness_j.y_park
Waltz of spring. / @Gavriel

Shall we meet two girls of spring?

A girl is striking a pose under a cherry blossom tree.
It is a good season to take photos with the scattering cherry blossom leaves at the background.
It is done by @Iness_j.y_park where you could see the spring on a girl’s smile.

Your clothes and steps become lighter in the advent of spring.
Sunny spring day makes you dance.
A girl is expressing the spring Waltz.
It is done by @Gavriel that makes one feel light just by looking at the drawing.

spring / @Hanne
spring flowers field -(first note-8 painting) / @FatemaMusharrof

These two pieces convey the emotional spring landscape.

Flowers started bloom with the snowy mountains at the back. The buds will come in full bloom soon. @Hanne has drawn the very moment of change.

There are many flowers in the wide field.
It makes you seem as if you could smell the fragrance. The sky with sunset resembles the color of a flower.
It is done by @FatemaMusharrof.

Lovers (Cherry blossom) / @CAREUS
"La Bendita Primavera" / @Ropestrart

These two pieces both have blooming flowers.

A couple is sitting on the bench under the pink cherry blossom trees.
It is not so difficult scene to see during spring time.

Could there be anything more delightful than looking at beautiful thing with your beloved ones?
It is done by @CAREUS who expressed a scene from happy spring.

A girl is walking with red ribbon among vivid colored flowers.
Is she doing rhythmic exercises?

Flowers just bloom on her clothes and hair.
@Ropestrart showed a piece with vivid colors.

Winter's End / @MeinBuro
nature / @srhartdesign

These two pieces just show the moment of spring where everything comes into life.

You can feel that spring just comes at the end of winter.
@MeinBuro’s drawing showed welcoming warm spring after long long winter in the contrast of two seasons all at once.

The butterfly that has gone sleeping during winter time has finally awoke and is starting to fly around.
Indeed, it is a signal of spring.

Like how you need to pass along winter to meet spring, you can fly like a butterfly after long shrinking time.
This is @srhartdesign’s artwork where it makes you stretch out under warm sunlight.

Below are our 10 winners.


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