2018-04-04. AM 03:35
[HOF] April 2018 @Hanne

What weather are you living in now?
April recalls image of spring.

After long long winter of sleep, we are near the spring where every organism is about wake up.
We happen to think about the amaze of life and nature only after the arrival of spring, a season of revival where everything dies and gets born.

Facing the artworks of our HOF of April, one stops and think about the nature for a while.
The reason is that the artist draws unfiltered, innocent nature.
Our HOF of April is artist @Hanne.

The artist always shows consistency in his world of art.
The artist only draws nature.
Excluding any sort of feeling or passion, the artist depicts the nature as it is in a rather plain attitude.
Although he does not display any splendor, the artworks make people surge.
The reason, perhaps, there is a sense of dignity that cannot be looked down in the style.

It seems as if it is not the simple nature the artist draws, but in fact, it is rather the noble aura in the nature the artist attempts at conveying.

Please join us congratulating the HOF of April – artist @Hanne.
Please leave messages of congratulations on the artist’s FanBook, and also press “likes” to those pieces that you like.
Also, don’t forget to leave comments – PENUP will get even more beautiful as there goes more and more interactions.

The interview with the artist will come soon, so please hang in there. : )

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