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eng : [Review] Challenge of March (1)

The first challenge of March!

This was a challenge which brought back the memoirs from the childhood, as if you are flipping the old album pages.

Please send messages of congratulations to the 10 winners below.

Thank you everyone for partaking in this “Childhood” challenge.

swing under the moonlight / @nuni
Praying for mom's healing / @BacGyver

These two artworks are homage to the moon.

A child is on a swing under the moonlight.
There is a wide ocean towards the direction the swing moves.
Whether it is a reality or dream, it should be a captured moment from the childhood.
This is done by @nuni.

A child is praying towards the moon with his hands clutched.
He is sending his heart to the moon for the sick mother.
@BacGyver’s artwork makes all of us cheer genuinely for the child.

\(^o^)/ / @sunmoon2004
sorrow / @Pejman

Let us meet some naughty boys.

Was a sketchbook too big for a girl?
She is drawing on her mom who fell asleep as if she were a canvas.
She’s filling her mom up with all the drawings she likes.
@sunmoon2004’s artwork makes us wonder what happened next.

A child who drew on the wall is being scolded at by the parents.
One could feel how the boy feels sad and feels unfair at the same time.
@Pejman’s artwork showcases a moment everyone may have experienced.

untitled / @j.yo
Mom's shoes / @greeda

These two artworks are about cute children.

This is a moment of a childhood in a peaceful spring day.
A boy is playing baseball game at the park.
As a butterfly sits on the boy’s cap, the boy got frozen and started staring up the butterfly’s movement.
This was done by @j.yo.

This girl is wearing a big heel of mom’s and a crown on the head.
She is walking down in pride with the cat on the muffler.
In the old days, wearing the adults’ belongings was something very fun to do.
This was done by @greeda.

Teddy bear / @katerina
friendship / @Choloaldon

There were really close friends in the childhood.

This is Teddy Bear, a friend of many children.
You happen to hug it along anywhere you go.
There was a bear toy which talked as you pressed the belly.

These are all the dolls that shared your memories together. This was done by @katerina.

A boy with a cowboy hat is patting the horse.
It is such great happiness to interact with the pets or animals one likes.
This is done by @Choloaldon who showcased the friendship between the child and animals.

My childhood memory xD / @DumboArt
Childhood Imagination / @kyle.g

What was it that you like and you didn’t like?

You happen to recall the childhood through objects.
Let’s name some of them – milk that we liked in the past and in the present as well, cube that was easy to do, the most favorite yoyo, drawing on the wall and not-so-interesting baseball.

The drawings in the notebook are some of the most favorite things of your own.
It was done by @DumboArt.

A child is joyfully running across the playground.
A warrior with a sword chasing after the rolling basketball.
When you ran like that when you were little, you felt yourself became a hero.
This was done by @kyle.g.

Below are our 10 winners.


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