2018-03-16. AM 03:17
[Challenge]2018.March:Let's draw Feel spring

Hello, PENPLEs!

The cold weather that swept the world is now disappearing, and spring has come with spring breeze.

Today’s theme is “Feel Spring”.

bumblebee finished / @Amanda_Bos
Cherry Blossoms / @Whitehorse

There is some special sound and landscape in relation to spring.

Bees whizzing increase in numbers, and the flowers that had shrunk during winter time are blooming.
The pollens spread out when warm breeze comes.

Spring feels ever nearer with the news announcing the blooming period in the weather forecast.

Those who like flowers can feel the spring with the flowers blooming.

On the way to spring / @Dorothy
spring / @jzalkin77

There are many people who get enough sunlight under the sun in the part that used to be quiet.

Outdoor festivals start launching, greeting the new season.

Many people enjoy the spring with happy faces under the flower blooms in the cherry blossom filled festivals.

One will be light hearted as they fill their closets with fresh springy clothes, getting off the heavy coats that have been pressing their shoulders.

Girl and dandelions / @Nigart
dandelion girl / @kimdajeong

Do you like spring?
What do you associate the spring is just around the corner?

While waiting for spring, we will be looking forward to warm art pieces.

This challenge will continue on for 16 days from Friday, March 16 to Saturday, March 31.

We will look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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