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[Review] Challenge of February (2)

The second challenge of February!

It was a challenge fulfilled with purple, the color of the year.

Please send words of congratulations to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who’ve participated in our “Purple” challenge.

Deep Purple 🎶🎸 / @dml1704
Neon Ghost / @Miky

With the darkness surrounding, what will be happening in the backstreet?

A rock band’s performance is ending in a success at a random club. The purplish lights are shedding light towards the audience that filled the seats.
Everyone is spending glamorous night. It is done by @dml1704.

The purplish neon light is decorating the street in late night. A mystical woman in black dress is standing there.
Is she waiting for someone? Or is she just there to get some fresh air?

It seems as if the music from the club in the previous artwork will be heard in any minute.
This is done by @Miky.

Lavender Dream / @Stefbou
purple wood / @Kiko3012

These two artworks bring you to some fragrant forest.

This is a picture of lavender that has a good combination of violet and dark purple.
The artwork done by @Stefbou makes us feel comfy.

Purple colored grass is filling the forest in between the birches. Are the trees at the back cherry blossom trees?
@Kiko3012’s artwork has featured various trees with good mix of colors.

Purple city / @artNstillLife
little purple prince / @David-E

These two artworks are on circular planets in purple color.

The yellow lights are smudging out from the windows in the dark city.
Don’t you think that the big moon is protecting the city from the back? It is done by @artNstillLife.

The Little Prince is sitting on a chair.
The purple planet must be B-612.
The rose is in just a bud without full bloom.

What is the Little Prince thinking with the yellow light that is coloring the planet? This is done by @David-E.

Lavender fields / @AntoineKhanji
dream / @somayeh

The beautiful purple colors make you forget the reality.

In spring, people go look for photogenic venues.
You feel as if you are some place in a fairy tale in the lavender planet. This is done by @AntoineKhanji.

A mystic tree that you may meet only in dreams.
Various purple colors fill the background at the back.
That even looks like a cotton candy.
This is done by @somayeh.

Purple the greatest / @Yousif_Aqeel
purple octopus / @Lor-Van

These two artworks enthusiastically show the definition of purple color.

A woman is shedding into rainbow colored tears in the purple background.
The woman with flowing hair and no clothes – is it something related to freedom?
This is done by @Yousif_Ageel who has shown unique combination.

The octopus has the ability to change its skin color after reckoning the surrounding objects and temperature.
Is it trying to protect itself by disguising into the deep blue sea color?
The artwork that features octopus showing its original color in deep sea is done by @Lor-Van.

Below are our 10 winners.


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Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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