2018-03-05. AM 04:53
[HOF] March 2018 @Anim

“To know is everything, to know is nothing” is a quote by the Great French novelist Anatole France.

Art indeed has the power to evade from the barrier of everyday knowledge.
It really engineers you to dream something totally unfamiliar and new.
The reason that the great artists’ artworks seem to be unconventional is because of the imagination behind art.

Such power of imagination can be felt in the artworks of our HOF of March.
It is artist @Anim.

The artist presents various artworks where mystic landscapes only seen in fantasy movies along with mysterious characters stand out.
The artworks really awaken our imagination that has been asleep.
It may be the reason why you feel as if you are in a faraway world of unknown when you enter the artist’s feed.

Dear PENPLEs, please join us congratulating our HOF of March – artist @Anim.
Please leave message of congratulation to the artist’s fanbook.
Also, don’t forget to give your “LIKES” to the piece that you like the most.

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